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Apr 10, 2009 11:56 AM

Disappointed by Galatoire's...

My boyfriend and I went to lunch at Galatoire's this noon, and we were so disappointed! Having been to Commander's Palace before, we expected a similar level of service. Given the posts here and on other sites, I expected the food to be excellent. It was definitely NOT excellent. We made reservations for the upstairs room, and when we were ushered to our seats the wait staff rapidly got up from the seats we then occupied. I understand not wanting to stand at attention when no one is around, but really? It was a little annoying. We were there at 12, which is not shockingly early. Anyway...we were given our menus, our water, our french bread, all fine. I ordered a Sazerac which was delicious. We ordered the souffle potatoes, which were pretty good though a bit greasy. I like any kind of potatoes so I really couldn't complain. For his meal, my boyfriend ordered the fish special, which was a trout almondine. I ordered the chicken clemenceau. My chicken was a little overdone, and the peas looked canned. The mushrooms tasted good. All in all it had very little flavor, and was rather dry. My BF's trout was fried, and came with slivered almonds, and he said the fish was greasy, and lacked flavor. Our water glasses were not frequently filled, and though I saw other waiters asking their tables whether they were enjoying themselves, our waitress vacated the area and did not return for some time. We asked for our check, received it about 10 minutes later, and as we were talking did not pick it up immediately. The waitress came back in about two seconds and picked it up, and we told her we hadn't looked at it yet. She then left for another ten minutes or so, and someone else ended up running the check.

We may have had an off meal, but we were completely disappointed! I want to know why people love this place...did we miss out by sitting upstairs? Did we order the wrong food? My boyfriend ordered the special, which should have been good... I wonder if Galatoire's insistence on keeping the menu traditional is hurting their food. In a day and age when fresh food is expected, Galatoire's needs to up the ante.

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  1. wow, what you experienced has never been my experience there. just talked to a friend who had a great time and meal there at lunch today. can't say why you were disappointed, but it does sound like you were less than impressed from the time you were seated.

    great expectations can lead to disappointment on occasion. sometimes it just happens that way and any place or party can have either a great time or a horrible time. I remember eating at a famous S.F. restaurant and having waiter envy. ours just plain sucked and made for a miserable time from food to service, all the while I watched everyone around me thoroughly enjoying themselves and their meals.

    sorry it was on off day for you. whether you go back is for you to decide. sometimes it's best to cut bait and go with what you know you will enjoy.

    1. Mistake #1...eating upstairs.

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      1. re: Ross B

        But does that drastically change the quality of the food?

        1. re: Ross B

          That's no excuse for them serving a bad meal.

        2. While much different types of food and also much different levels of dining, Galatoire's and the Rendezvous in Memphis have something in common. At least to me it seems that both are more about atmosphere than food. Not that the food is bad either place. It's just that the experience is just as important as the actual food. That's just one man's opinion.

          1. I have to wonder about dining upstairs for Friday lunch. With all the commotion downstairs, it seems reasonable that the upstairs gets neglected. As for the food, it is old-school. The trout aumondine should have been good. Sorry it wasn't. FWIW, I love the crabmeat sardou.

            1. What posts have you read suggesting the food is excellent at Galatoire's? The food is consistent there, but I know I and others on this board have tried hard to characterize the food accurately: totally old school, hasn't changed in years, and not the main draw of the place. I've never seen canned peas, but then I've only ever got sauteed fish or steak there, with a goute platter, soufflee potatoes and/or eggplant to start. I may finish it with a sundae. Most importantly, I drink heavily.

              You'll find that people who love Galatoire's generally order the same thing every time.

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              1. re: HalfShell

                "Most importantly, I drink heavily."

                LOL HalfShell maybe I'd like Galtoire's too.

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                  We have eaten there several times over the last few years- and have had amazing "I have died and gone to heaven" events to "ok". Generally upstairs is not as good/ fun and Sunday evening not so good. Still - We LOVE the place and look forward to going. The old schoolness of the downstairs is so charming and I know NOT being a REGULAR makes the deal different but give 'em another try someday= go before they smoozch with the hostess on a Friday and dress NICE and then you will see>>>>

                2. re: HalfShell

                  My last two reviews (both pre-K) were very favorable. The most recent visit, prior to those was well before CH, so no reviews.

                  We have tended to go with the recs. of our server, and am not sure if we've repeated dishes that often, but probalby have.

                  Last two visits have been upstairs, due to guests and time constraints. Before that, there were no reservations, and everyone stood in line.

                  To date, nothing has ever seemed to be canned, but maybe I missed something along the way, as we always do a significant sampling of their wine list, and have always done so.

                  You are a better person, than I, as we almost never are able to do any dessert, unless it's split amongst all of the table. If anything, I'd complain that the portions are a tad too large, or maybe it is the richness of the dishes, and our not living in NOLA for decades?