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Apr 10, 2009 11:19 AM

Butchers in Boston...

I live in New York but spend a lot of time in Boston at my girlfriends. So far, I've been unimpressed by the quality of meat available for home cooking in Boston although my experience has been pretty limited (basically Whole Foods). I'm particularly interested in dry aged beef (prime, ideally), heritage breed chickens (or free-range, grain fed, steroid-free birds) and high quality pork. So I turn it over to you guys: where is there a great butcher in Boston? I'd prefer one in the Brookline, Alston, Brighton area, but really any suggestion is welcome. Thanks in advance.

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  1. John Dewar's, Newton Centre, they furnish many of the top restaurants in Boston area. Great meats and very high prices.

    1. Your best bet near you would be a quick drive (or take the D line to Newton Centre stop) to John Dewar and Sons, on Beacon Street in Newton Centre. As a formal Lobel's disciple, he's probably the closet thing to it near you.

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        ... and John Dewar's can get you absolutely ANYTHING with a few days' notice, just ask the price up front if you are at all price sensitive. The other thing about them is that they are professionals and it really shows in how they slice and package things -- no lopsided steaks from Dewar's, beautiful cryovac'ing if you want it, etc. Nice people too.

      2. For geographically "near" you might consider Lionette's or Dewar, respectively in the South End and Newton. The former is more local meats, the latter offers dry aged beef.

        If you want something T-accessible, Sulmona in the North End a basic old-fashioned italian butcher.

        There is a lot to be researched on the board for any of these butchers.

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          All great suggestions. Savenor's is also a wonderful place - two locations, one in Cambridge and the other on Beacon Hill.... I'm pretty certain Julia Child shopped at Savenor's back in the day.

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            Julia Child lived in the Agassiz neighborhood and certainly frequented Savenor's (probably for many years) which is about a 5 minute walk, but in the early 90s the Cambridge location burned down right as they were opening the Beacon Hill location. Its a wonderful place, but I sort of miss the old shop (Fresh Pond Market is a bit closer in theme to what Savenor's used to be). And she moved back to the West Coast before they reopened. She certainly used Dewar's for some things, was sighted at the Beacon Street Star and other hounds have said DeMoula's too. Over the years there have been as many claims in the area to being her favorite restaurant as to some connection with JFK, but she certainly spoke of both Savenors and Dewar. I always forget about the Beacon Hill Savenor's, but that is another good T location (and on a sunny day its nice to just walk from Arlington on the green line instead of switching trains).

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              Thanks for the insight! It's always wonderful to hear and learn more about her connection to the area.

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                John Dewar provided me with my meat for last night's holiday dinner. I am never disappointed. It was like butter. All my guests could not stop talking about the quality of the meat.

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                Julia Child did move to California before Savenor's reopened on Kirkland Street, but she at least came back to see it because "Bon Appetit -JC" is carved in the sidewalk in front of the store! There are also some nice black and white pictures in the store of her and Jack Savenor cooking together.

          2. I have yet to make it there, but I have heard a lot of rec's for MacKinnon's in Davis Square. I am planning on heading there soon, because 3 random people say they do a great job.

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              McKinnons in Somerville definitely has some good values, but is not what the OP is looking for. They have ittle or nothing in the way of dry aged or prime beef, and other specific requests from the OP.

            2. What do you guys think about the "Butcher Shop" in the South End? How does the meat rank there?