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Apr 10, 2009 11:15 AM

Durian paste?

Browsing in my local Asian market yesterday I ran across durian paste. It is in a cylindrical form about as big around as my little finger and 5-6 inches long. At 99 cents a pop I could not restrain my curiousity. I have encountered fresh durian in Malaysia and liked it. Any ideas of what to do with this stuff?

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  1. Does it smell/taste like the fresh fruit? I have never seen a durian in person and try to experience it vicariously. ;)

    1. Use it in desserts, e.g. sponge cakes, or in durian shakes.

      It's sort of a handy thing to have around because fresh durian can have a rather, um, imposing presence in the house (or fridge) ...if you know what I mean.

      1. PLEASE tellme the market that I can buy Durian paste here in the USA.
        I would be willing to contact a suppkier in LA to ship to Chicago.
        THANKS MUCH,

        1. Durian ice cream is big in Vietnam. If you have any ice cream skills and equipment, give it a try for something truly unique.