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Apr 10, 2009 11:10 AM

Everyone knows it's ebli...or Name That Grain!

I present to you--a Chowhound challenge. I have googled, I have asked countless health food stores in vain...all in search of "an ancient grain" called ebli.

Caffeine's in West Springfield, Mass., used to serve it as a side dish. I liked it so much, they sold me some, but they've closed. I have no idea if this grain might go by another name. Would be so great if anyone recognizes it in the attached photo and can Name That Grain for me...'cause ebli, as far as I can tell, is my imaginary friend (like the Snuffleupagus!).

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    1. re: kilercow

      THAT'S IT!!! :) Thank you so kindly! I just sent an e-mail to see where/if I can order some. Have you ever tried it? It's quite tasty. Thanks again!