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Apr 10, 2009 10:59 AM

Austin for the weekend

Travel to Austin often. However, will spend weekend for the first time.

Have been to Roy's, Rudy's, Salt Lick, Stubbs, Iron Works, Chuy's, Flemings.

Planning on going to Lockhart for one day - are Smitty's and Krueze's close together.

Staying downtown at the Hyatt. Should I go to Stubb's Sunday brunch? What's that like?

Any good downtown hotel lunch/brunch buffet? Or unique reasonable places for dinner? I usually stay by airport and will be downtown for one week for the first time.


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  1. Smitty's, Kreuz, and Blacks are all within a mile of each other. Luling City Market is about 20 more minutes south down 183. If you get ambitious, I'd try all 4.

    Lamberts and Moonshine both have pretty good brunches in the downtown area. East Side Cafe has gotten some really good reviews lately as well.

    For dinner places, I would recommend Parkside on 6th. On the more expensive side, but you can eat there fairly reasonably if careful.

    1. Doing the Lockhart BBQ taste tour is really a fun and delicious experience. All three of the famous places are all within a few blocks of eachother, and each has its particularities though all three are fairly similar. Bring a camera, at least with your cell, so you can take some photos, and while not necessary a cooler might be a good idea too. Remember that the key item for Texas BBQ is brisket -- my brother and I specified the "fatty" brisket when we did our sampling. We are big eaters, but the stuff was so rich that a quarter-pound from each place gave each of us a slice or two to sample and was more than enough. We also ordered a pork rib each from two of the three, and a single link from each. No sides -- no need, no room. A couple of the places also have a house specialty, including some prime rib that would have been interesting to try but was far too welldone for our tastes. We had a great time eating, comparing, and rating the three places -- on our late afternoon in December it was Black's edging out Kreuz's with Smitty's well behind -- but I'm confident that things can vary from day to day and cattle to pig. From downtown it would be less than an hour each way during non rush hours and we spent about 35-45 minutes in and between each place. Have fun and report back.