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brown v white rice

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nutritionally speaking i know brown rice is better than white rice in terms of vitamin, but strictly calorie wise would a chicken bowl with brown rice have more or less than one with white rice.....in other terms does white or bbrown rice have fewer calories

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  1. Brown has a tiny bit more calories.

    1. 216 Brown..16 from fat
      206 White.....6 from fat


      1. Not only is brown rice better as far as vitamins, it is better in terms of fiber, too. (fiber is not a vitamin but an indigestible carbohydrate, I've read.)

        1. The nutritional benefits of any food item far outweigh any caloric downside. It's kind of like people that go on diets and drink diet coke instead of orange juice. Sure, the OJ has more calories, but in reality does that mean the diet coke is better for you? Nope.