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Apr 10, 2009 10:48 AM

flamebroiler question

nutritionally speaking i know brown rice is better than white rice in terms of vitamin, but strictly calorie wise would a chicken bowl with brown rice have more or less than one with white other terms does white or bbrown rice have fewer calories

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  1. No real difference in calories. Some more nutrients and maybe even a little bit more fat in brown rice.

    1. Brown rice has a bit more calories, I believe.

      1. I just looked at the labels on the endless containers of rice around here... 45 grams of Calrose rice has 155 calories, 45 grams of long-grain brown rice has 160, 50 grams of jasmine rice has 180 calories, which works out to 162 calories for 45 grams. It would round down to 160 on the label. So, any calorie difference between varieties of rice is negligible at best.

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