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Apr 10, 2009 10:28 AM

Bachelor party dinner - Peter Luger or Plataforma?

About a dozen guys are heading out for my bachelor party dinner - some of whom live in NYC now, some who used to, some who never have. The plan was to catch a game at one of the new parks (will be Citi Field, Yanks out of town), go do some old favorite dive bars (is Holiday still in business since the old man died?), and get some good meat.

Originally, I had focused the whole weekend around a trip to Peter Luger for its legendary status. As someone who grew up on LI and left around college time, I've heard great things over the years, but never been.

One of my friends who's a seasoned NY veteran (former i-banker, so he's been to all the hotspots) suggested we do churrascaria instead of Luger. At first I was resistant, but then after giving it some thought, realized that it's probably easier with a big group to do the Brazilian BBQ thing. And after reading some reviews, it seems that Plataforma can certainly compete, quality-wise.

So what do you think? For this group of guys, will we have a better overall experience at Luger or Plataforma? (Or a different churrascaria?) Location gives the advantage to Plataforma, as our preferred bars (and hotel) are all in Manhattan. But will I really be missing out if I skip on Peter Luger?

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  1. If it is about the quality of the food Peter Luger wins hands down. However if the party atmosphere, quantity of food, and price are in issue then Plataforma might be the better choice for your party. If it were me I would pick Luger.

      1. re: MustLoveFood

        Not only is Sammy's bad it's expensive as well. $150 a head for lousy food and vodka. Yay!

        Take note of Bob Martinez's post and one of my all time favorite quotes on chowhound, "Go hungry, leave angry." - Wilfrid

        1. re: KTinNYC

          KT, thanks for thinking of me. I'm STILL pissed off about that horrible meal at Sammy's.

          1. re: Bob Martinez

            I will forever associate you and Wilfrid with Sammy's. Re-reading your post I am reminded it was nearly 20 years ago you had that horrible meal. My horrible meal was much more recent.

        1. re: bnemes3343

          the interesting part is that i posted this same question to tripadvisor, and i got an answer that says "plataforma, hands down."

          travel junkies vs foodies. hmm.

        2. You can hit one of the Lugeresque spots in Manhattan, like Wolfgangs. Or maybe try something like Craftsteak.

          Sadly, the Holiday is no more..

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          1. re: harrison

            Au contraire, Holiday seems to be back open, and not just on weekends:

            Unless there's another Holiday I don't know about.

          2. If you're going to downtown bars, Luger would probably be more convenient. It's just across the bridge, so it's easier to get to the LES from there than from midtown.

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            1. re: CalorieBurner

              I would have said Luger, but I actually had my bachelor party in NYC last weekend. We ended up at Maloney & Porcelli for the wine dinner. The steaks were great, obviously not as good as Luger's, but still fantastic.

              For $75, you get unlimited pours of 4 selected wines, plus any appetizer, any entree/steak and dessert. Not crap wines either... we were all impressed.

              For 14 guys, mostly drunk, they didn't rush us out, they kept pouring wine after we were finished eating and were awesome all night long. Even with a bachelor party that loud, they didn't include a mandatory gratuity. I seriously couldn't believe how accomodating they were all night.

              Hope this helps!