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Suggestions In or Near Rye, NY

We're going to a wedding next month. Our hotel is the Courtyard Marriott in Rye. Looking for a nice restaurant for the night before the wedding. We like seafood, steak, Italian, fine dining or just a real comfortable atmosphere with good food. Almost anything goes but would appreciate some place that is not real loud. We'll have a car so anything in the Rye, White Plains area will work. Thanks!

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  1. in Port Chester, for sea food, F.I.S.H. (Fisher Island Seafood House) but the back room can be loud.
    in Rye, for sushi, Koo (also Asian Fushion but very good sushi bar as well as full bar)
    in Port Chester, for steak, Willet House
    in Port Chester, for ilalian, Tarrey House (new)
    In Rye, for seafood, Morgans
    in Pleasantville, fine dining, Iron Horse (fiteen minutes west of Rye)

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      in Port Chester, for ilalian, Tarrey House (new- if youre referrring to tarry lodge, that place is LOUD

    2. Although some evenings, it can be loud, the food and service at Ruby's Oyster Bar is top-notch. Ask to sit upstairs for a quieter experience!

      1. Piero's in Port Chester...yum!

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            Yes, that's true. But when I'm out for Italian food, I am more apt to have wine anyway. Just my personal taste.

            Chowmensch could also think about taking a quick ride up to Greenwich from their hotel and checking out Morello Bistro on the Ave, Jean-Louis, Penang Grill?
            Also in Rye is La Panetiere ( www.lapanetiere.com). There are some who argue that it is a bit tired, but the food is fabulous and the service is friendly and attentive. It is wonderful French food and certainly a very quiet spot to dine.

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            I second Piero's! For great, reasonable Asian try Watermoon in Rye too.

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              I am personally not a fan of Watermoon anymore. I had waaaay too many service issues on waaay too many instances. I'd go to Harrison for reasonable Asian. I also LOVE Kira in Greenwich!

          3. Two good ones within walking distance are coyote flaco for mexican and edo japanese steakhouse for hibachi style grilling. both are on midland avenue as is the marriot courtyard. also on midland nearby is michael's for pizza and red sauce italian.

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              I do love the Flaco, especially the enchiladas! However, I have been warned that Michael's should be reserved for take-out only...

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                the kitchen at michael's is exceedingly small so sometimes when they are busy you have to wait awhile at your table to be served. but the food is good.

            2. Ruby's or Morgans in Rye.
              Tarry Lodge in Port Chester.
              Peniche in White Plains.
              I also love the "Flacaria" esp if you have to walk from the CM, but if you are driving and you say you have a car, then check out one of the other places we've mentioned.

              1. If you like burgers with french fries, chili and cheese, you've got to try Kelly's right up the road from where you're staying. Tiny place but good food. Best to visit at an off hour.

                Kellys Sea Level
                413 Midland Ave
                Rye, NY 10580
                (914) 967-0868

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                  here here for kellys!!! best burger in westchester and the chili cheese fries are fabulous.

                2. People's responses to Piero's seem to come in two categories. There are a lot of people who love it. And then there are those of us who find it utterly dull and mediocre. We gave it a try a couple of times when we first moved to the area and everyone was raving about it, said "eh" and have never been back. I know others who feel that way, too. I'm not saying you shouldn't try it yourself, obviously lots of people like it, but I want you to realize the reviews aren't unanimous.

                  Another suggestion for pan Asian is Asiana on Putnam Ave. in Greenwich, just past Whole Foods. The food is very similar to Water Moon, but Water Moon is incredibly loud and Asiana isn't.

                  1. Just today, someone else mentioned Michael's in Port Chester. He said the pizza is amazing, the ambience- not so much. But, he did say that during the day, it is definitely a family type place. Maybe that could be helpful. If it is nice weather, you could also go down to the Ebb Tide for lobsters and seafood. Sit outside and relax. ( I'm not sure where you are from, so in truth, you might not need to come here for that type of food)
                    You could also sit outside at L'Escale at the Delamar hotel in Greenwich.

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                      You can also sit outside at night on a charming rear patio at michael's. its pretty nice on a warm spring evening. and btw even though i am a thin crust guy michael's pizza is very very good. and definitely worth waiting for over a glass or two of the house wine. its a neighborhood place that is good enough to draw people from a lot of other neighborhoods.

                    2. Since you have a car, you might want to consider Greenwich, just 2 exits up I-95. ( about a 10 minute drive). Depending on your budget, Greenwich options include:
                      Kira (excellent sushi)
                      Morello (I have a bad time and posted about it but others seem to like it) L'escale at the Delamar Hotel
                      Pasta Vera (my go to for casual but good Italian)

                      Very expensive options would be Jean Louis or Hencklemann's.

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                        agreed, Greenwich is 10 mins away by car. my favorite is Polpo, fantastic service and food served in a quaintly converted house. its a bit hard to find on a side street off of Putnam but check it out, its worth it

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                          Save your money. Avoid Polpo like the plague and go to Alba's in Post Chester. Morrello's is also good, but not as good as Alba's.

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                          Morello's menu and redo intrigues me. Would I need a sport jacket there or would a nice collared shirt and slacks suffice?

                          1. re: chowmensch

                            You definitely do not need a jacket there. I will be interested to see what you think of the place.

                        3. Thanks, Seoul (and everyone else)! Greenwich is a possibility. Lots of good choices on this thread. Appreciate all the suggestions.

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                            Chowmensch, I am regretting even mentioning Morello as a possibility! I don't want you to have a disastrous meal. Please read related thread below...

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                              Yes, that's why I was "diplomatic" when I wrote above that I would be curious to see what Chowmensch would think of the place. I have been thinking that perhaps our attitude towards the place was just us. We went some time ago and were not at all impressed. It was expensive- and we don't mind spending on a nice evening out and good food- but it was very so/so at best.
                              I do think CHowmensch would be far happier at any of the other spots suggested, whether upscale or low-key. I am curious to know where he will ultimately end up...

                          2. I appreciate all the suggestions. The wedding is this week. I had made reservations at Morgan's but I have just learned we are invited to the rehearsal dinner. It is at an Indian restaurant (I don't have the name available to me as I write this) in White Plains. Is there a good Indian restaurant there? Any guesses where it might be? I apologize for soliciting recommendations from all of you and then not taking your advice but I just found out we are invited to the rehearsal dinner. Thanks again for all your suggestions. We will certainly try some of your selections when we are in Westchester/Greenwich in the future.

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                                Yes, I'm sure it's Bengal Tiger. Differing opinions on it on this board. None are bad, just some love it and others think it's just okay and overpriced but you're not paying so that doesn't matter a bit. I'm sure you will enjoy.

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                                  Actually just found out it's Royal Palace in WP. Any opinions?

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                                    I like the Royal Palace a lot, it's where I stop for take out on the way home when my husband's out of town, used to go to Bengal Tiger, but they have gotten really expensive and I've found RP to be just as good, little more spicy, but I like that. It's in a shopping center and they have a few private rooms. Hope you enjoy it!

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                                      Thanks, owl. And, again, to everyone on the tristate board, thanks for all the suggestions!