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Apr 10, 2009 10:00 AM

Leftover creamed spinach and sour cream--what to do with it?

Hello Chowhounds,

I have some leftover creamed spinach and sour cream that I'd hate to waste. Does anyone have any creative ideas on how to repurpose them?


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  1. Crepes or souffle..............omelets.............toss with pasta................

    1. For some reason, my mother would serve creamed spinach on french toast. At the time, the french toast was made with Wonder bread or the equivalent. In fact, the two go together reasonably well.

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      1. re: rememberme

        <<For some reason, my mother would serve creamed spinach on french toast.>>

        'cause back then anything *creamed* was destined for toast (and likely Wonder bread):
        - creamed chipped beef on toast
        - creamed eggs on toast
        - and so on and so on and shooby dooby dooby

        Creamed anything on toast sounds good to me. ;) But I love the pasta idea, too. I used to make a spinach noodle casserole fairly regularly. Mmmmm!

      2. Stuffed in a chicken breast, flank steak or added to fresh crabmeat as a new dip !

        1. That would depend on how much you have. You could top a pizza with it and add some bacon and feta to round out the topping.

          1. You could add some garlic and thawed frozen artichokes along with some grilled or rotisserie chicken and parmesan/romano/fontina cheese to mix with the creamed spinach, and toss with some fettuccine.

            The sour cream will keep for a while. Swedish meatballs, stroganoff or chicken paprikash?

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            1. re: bear

              i'm with the artichoke dip idea.

              1. re: alkapal

                "....i'm with the artichoke dip idea."
                Who you? Nooooo. REally? Who'da thunk it?!?!

                I just want you to know, little girl, that with each bite of the Knorr's Spinach Dip I ate yesterday (and I ate a few!) that I thought of your smiling circle- errr- face- whatever that symbol is by your name.

                1. re: Boccone Dolce

                  boccone dolce, i'm envious! did ya get to eat the breadbowl goo, too?

                  "take mayo, sour cream, knorr's packet
                  mince onions, chestnuts - just hack it
                  add spinach and mix
                  just wait for your fix
                  then eat, gain weight, buy new jacket."
                  see, girlfriend, you inspire me. (i'm thinking of dr. evil and mini-me - "mini-me, you complete me!").
                  ps, it's a mobius strip. not tasty like a double scoop ice cream cone -- esp. one that is populated!!

                  1. re: alkapal

                    HAAAAAA!! Your poem is perfect. Now I have something to sing to myself when partaking of knorr packet goodness...
                    Mobius strip= OF COURSE it is. If I wink at it, it kind of looks like mug full of coffee.
                    my ice cream family is on vacay- fitting for FL, no?

                    1. re: Boccone Dolce

                      sure thing. i'll be down in fort myers next week to help mom out. maybe cook some old country-style favorites and southern desserts.