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Cape Cod 2009 Fried Clam reports

With all the shacks starting to open for the season, I thought it might be nice to start a thread for this year. Report your findings belly lovers!

Seafood Sams- South Yarmouth- I rate them an "eh". Small and slightly overcooked. Barely a belly really. Only positive is a lunch plate during the week is a bargain at $8.50 including fries and slaw. You do, however, get what you pay for.

Cooke's-Hyannis - Terrific as always. Good sized bellies, perfectly fried, and I still think their coating is one of the best on the Cape (and coatings DO vary considerably from place to place)
Only drawback, it will set you back a whopping $17.95 but does come with a few onion rings in addition to the fries and slaw.

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  1. Oh - I love to think of the Cape in April. After countless summer vacations, we have settled on Kream N Kone in Dennis. I've learned to skip the mediocre fries (I'm just not a fan of fries in general) and just order the clams straight up. The onion rings and fried scallops are also amazing. Tip: call ahead to place your order to beat the hour plus wait that's typical on a July/August Saturday night, then take your meal down the street to the (Sea St.?) beach for better atmosphere than the hectic, crowded restaurant. No matter where we stay on the Cape, we'll drive to Dennis for this annual indulgence.

    1. Won't be making the first trip until 5/1, but Moby Dick's is our traditional 1st stop- more for oysters than clams- but will report back- they have yet to disappoint!

      1. I like Sir Cricket's fried clams. I don't love them, but I like them. The batter is nice and they are always crisp. Also, they have sweet potato fries, which is a good alternative to nasty soggy frozen food service fries.

        What I really want to find on the cape is a place that serves southern style fried seafood with that nice crispy cornmeal crust. I buy the mix when I am down there, but it doesn't taste the same without a deep fryer. And hush puppies would be a nice change from dreadful fries.

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          i like, no wait...LOVE, the fried sea scallops at Sir Crickets, the fried clams are okay. I prefer Arnold's fried clams.

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            Love me some Sir Crickets fried clams.

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              Maybe I'll try Sir Crickets. I happen to love soggy fries, much better than what lots of restaurants are serving these days which have some sort of coating to keep them crispy. They alter the taste of the fry and it has been my observation that people who claim to be " not really french fry lovers" happen to like these things. I think they taste like those frozen potato buds. I'd like to check it out, I can often tell just by looking at them.

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                Which one do you go to? I find the clams in Chatham a little greasy. Love the fried haddock though -- it is sooo good!

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                  I heard a lot of good things about Kream n Kone. Are the fried clams expensive there?

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                    wosh, no, KK is very affordable..it's a clam shack but no views not near the sea..another 3 miles and u r at West Dennis Beach

                2. We are in Eastham now-dont want to compare but Friendly Fishermans are terrific

                  1. For a few years I avoided Arnold's clams because the last few orders I had were really, really big bellies... I like bellies, but these were huge, and ultimately too rich for my belly!

                    This year I had excellent clams at Sir Cricket, with their wonderful crispy fries.

                    Then when visiting Arnold's I noticed clam bellies were not oversized, so I ordered fried claims. They were WOW! good, the best I have enjoyed in quite some time.

                    No other stops this year quite compared to Sir Cricket and especially Arnolds.

                    1. Based largely on recommendations here, as well as the guidance of folks we were visiting in P-Town, this past weekend we dined as follows:
                      Cooke's in Hyannis. Very good whole bellies. A bit smaller than I am used to, but I'd rather err on the side of a little too small than too big. Onion rings were excellent and the fries pretty good as well. Child had clam strips. I ate her leftovers and they were quite good. Food arrived quickly. No atmosphere to speak of, but we knew that going in.

                      Moby Dick's. Thought the clams were better here, but only by a hair. Fries and slaw were a big step down from Cooke's. Service was a bit scattered. A little more atmosphere. The lack of a hot lobster roll (both here and at Cooke's) was a disappointment to my kid. She won't eat cold with mayo. Is the hot roll a regional thing? We get it all the time in CT, but we were 0 for 2 on the Cape.

                      Also dined at Wicked Oyster in Wellfleet, and John Dough's and The Red Inn in Provincetown. No fried clams, so I won't spoil this thread by veering off course.

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                        I had great fried clams at both Moby Dick's and Arnold's this year. Both had bellies that to me were "just right" - somewhere between the size of a nickel and a quarter.

                        The hot lobster roll is a CT thing. I've only found hot rolls on the Cape at Arnold's (disappointing) and Bubbala's in P-town(far superior to Arnold's). Just once, she should try the Friendly Fisherman's cold lobster roll- it has very little mayo, and nothing else to distract you from the lobster- and its huge!

                        LOVE Wicked Oyster!

                      2. Kreme and Kone is the very best for fried clams and scallops. The juiciest, freshest clams and nice batter that is light and understated. So the clams stand out.

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                          Some here agree with you. I'm not amoung them. I don't find K & Ks food special at all and never worth the long in-season wait. Many other places mentioned here do a far better job, IMHO.