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Tour of Brewery? (DC and surrounding)

I'm trying to plan a birthday present for my boyfriend by touring brewerys in DC/MD/VA/PA (we live in NOVA). I don't know anything about beer, and the google search came up with too much information... Can chowhounds who are beer lovers provide any information on places that brews quality beer?

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  1. In the PA are: Yuengling and Weyerbacher are both excellent tours, Yuengling is a great tour, but Weyerbacher has better beers and a superb tasting room.

    1. try,, http://www.brewridgetrail.com or 1 800 282 8223
      it's a co-op ? of 7 Virginia brewers/distillers advertising together in magazines etc

        1. Dogfish Head in Delaware would be my suggestion. They brew extreme beers and have advanced the craft beer segment.

          1. Definitely Dogfish Head. Victory. Old Dominion (esp. if they still have the bourbon-barrel stout that's actually aged in barrels; the bottled version isn't).

            And I haven't been in a long time, but I've really enjoyed Brewer's Art in Baltimore a lot.

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              I thought Old Dominion closed its brewery months ago/

            2. Consider checking out the folks at Clipper City Brewing just outside Baltimore. Here are the details regarding brewery tours:


              You might also take a trip up to Frederick, Maryland and visit the Flying Dog Brewery. They have Saturday tours - here are the details:


              1. Flying Dog has an excellent tour of their facility and a tap room featuring many products that aren't yet available or are only available in small batches, such as a rich porter aged in bourbon barrels with an alcohol content of 14%. I went with a group of about 20. Halfway through the tour, we voted to go back to the tap room and resume our sampling of the many delicious products. You can also drink at the tap room without taking the tour. Bring a driver.

                1. The wife and I made a trip this weekend to the Lehigh Valley (PA). Started in Easton with a tour and tasting at Weyerbacher. Nice tour and they are generous with their free samples. Another plus is that they allow your to mix cases with all the differnet beers on hand. Many high ABV (7%+), belgian styles and Bourbon Barrel age beers.
                  Then we made the short trip (10-15 mins) to Bethlehem, which is a neat town with a nice downtown area in the center sit The Bethlehem Brew Work. A brewpub with an industial decor to go with Bethlehem's history as a Steel town. Decent beer and good food. I was drinking their Kilt Raiser Scotish Ale, which I found very tastey.
                  Finished the day in a small town south of Bethlehem called Hellertown at a Scotish Pub called Braveheart Highland Pub. The had an Irish Folk band and we had a few more pints (mostly scotish and irish imports) and headed to a hotel for the night.
                  It was a great trip and would highly recomend it.

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                    I'm from the Lehigh Valley and yes Brew Works is great, they also have an allentown location...I strongly advise getting to Yuengling when in the area, they are America's Oldest brewery, very interesting place.

                  2. You could head up 83N and start in PA
                    Troegs in in Harrisburg
                    Clipper City in Baltimore (check their webpage, they have been having events at the brewery lately, chili n beer, bbq n beer, etc) Good beer bars-Brewers Art, Max's, Mahaffey's
                    Victory in Downingtown and Weyerbacher too! (not right off 83 but not too too out of the way)

                    Dogfish head in DE is a great brewery and informative tour, but it's kinda out in the middle of nowhere, so if you were looking for tour, lunch, nightlife, you won't find it in Milton

                    Since you will be sampling, maybe just a city tour of great beer bars with a brewery tour thrown in would be good? That way you can cab it around ,try different beers and not have to hear about the breweing process ad nauseum.

                    Have fun!