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Apr 10, 2009 09:02 AM

Tour of Brewery? (DC and surrounding)

I'm trying to plan a birthday present for my boyfriend by touring brewerys in DC/MD/VA/PA (we live in NOVA). I don't know anything about beer, and the google search came up with too much information... Can chowhounds who are beer lovers provide any information on places that brews quality beer?

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  1. In the PA are: Yuengling and Weyerbacher are both excellent tours, Yuengling is a great tour, but Weyerbacher has better beers and a superb tasting room.

    1. try,, or 1 800 282 8223
      it's a co-op ? of 7 Virginia brewers/distillers advertising together in magazines etc

        1. Dogfish Head in Delaware would be my suggestion. They brew extreme beers and have advanced the craft beer segment.

          1. Definitely Dogfish Head. Victory. Old Dominion (esp. if they still have the bourbon-barrel stout that's actually aged in barrels; the bottled version isn't).

            And I haven't been in a long time, but I've really enjoyed Brewer's Art in Baltimore a lot.

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              I thought Old Dominion closed its brewery months ago/