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I'm looking for restaurants in the Baltimore area that are serving Kosher for Passover meals for the holiday. It's only been 2 days and I've already had my share of matzah (although a good fried matzah recipe would be appreciated),gefilte fish, macaroons and kichels. Thanks-

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  1. Suburban House has a whole Passover menu......its "KOsher _Style",,,,,Shrimp Salad on Matzoh anybody??????

    1. Thanks-I appreciate the tip. I've been to Surburban a lot over the years and thought that they might be a place to go. Snyders on Reisterstown Rd used to have Passover meals but they went out of business several months ago, but the owner now owns a place in Towson(I forget the name) that might also be a candidate.

      I'm assuming the Kosher places might be closed for the holiday because of the difficulty of making things Kosher for Passover.

      Anybody else have any ideas?