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Apr 10, 2009 08:20 AM

Downtown Charlotte - restaurant for bachelor party

I'm looking for something suitable for a group of 7, no particular type of cuisine, although outdoor seating and somewhere moderately priced would be nice. We're staying at the Omni, so something close to that would also help. Any ideas?

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  1. Based off your criteria (moderate price and outdoor seating), I would suggest looking at:

    Arpa - tapas place, with some outdoor seating

    Ri Ra - Irish bar with pretty good food. They have some outdoor seating upstairs on a patio.

    Aquavina - frankly, this place isn't great, but does have outdoor seating.

    Mimosa - okay food with outdoor seating

    McCormick & Schmidts - chain with outdoor patio

    Brixx - wood fired pizza, outdoor patio and a good beer selection

    None of these are Uptown's "best", but all would serve your purpose...

    1. Macs Speed Shop is just down the rail line and has outdoor seating and reasonable prices and lots of liquid refreshments. Weather is going to make a lot of difference regarding sitting outside too, so backup plans are always good. Actually there are lots of places down the rail line that might work, but my mind is going blank. I know nothing of the food, but the bowling alley at Epicenter might be fun if that fits you and your friends idea of a bachelor party. for kind of general info, has some reviews. It is just a short ways from the Omni too. Somewhere in the Epicenter is an outdoor area, but I know nothing about who or what. Have Fun!

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        Does Mez have outdoor seating? i always draw a blank when folks ask about stuff uptown. There just isn't much up there that's tasty. :(

        1. re: lynnlato

          lynnlato's right. There are plenty of restaurants, but not much downtown that I'd recommend over anywhere else in town. there are a few good places, though. Unfortunately, there's not a whole lot of decent, moderately priced food.

          That being said, Alexander Michael's, tucked away in 4th Wad downtown, may be the type of place you're looking for. However, it has no outdoor seating. It's a great little neighborhood restaurant/pub in an old general store. It's located on 9th and Pine and can be difficult to find, so you may need to ask for directions. The food is by no means amazing, but it's good, and the atmosphere is what really makes the place.

          1. re: ickymettle

            Thanks for all of the suggestions. I've got a nice number of places to choose from.

      2. You could take the trolley one stop down to Bland St. and hit up Tavern on the Tracks. Reasonable pub grub, outdoor seating and Jillian's is in the same parking lot for gaming afterward.

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