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Apr 10, 2009 08:15 AM

Food Dryer/Dehydrator

So...I am thinking about investing in a food dehydrdrator this year to take better advantage of the summer crop. I'd like to be able to dry tomatoes and herbs and other veggies, mostly.

Does anyone own one and have recommendations or critiques?

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  1. This something I too have been thinking about. I will be interested in the replies. They seem to go for just a few bucks, to up to $200. Just what do you need to dry a few herbs?

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    1. re: billieboy

      Depending upon where you live:

      I've been able to just tie bunches of herbs on strings and hang them in closets/doorways/windows, etc. and have them dry fine. But you have to like the rustic decor they provide and have the space. This was in Ohio where humidity wasn't much of an issue. I've heard of people making ristras (those pepper things you find common in New Mexico) that way up North as well.

      Now, I live in the South and the above isn't possible because of the humidity. I've also tried strapping layers of air filters with herbs laid upon them to a box fan (a la Alton Brown) - this doesn't work - not even in air conditioning. But, they did make everything smell really nice.

      1. re: jazzy77

        The humidity in my area is a B!@ch. Summer and winter. Live right in the middle of all the great lakes.

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        How do you find those threads? Everytime I try to search for something, I get 100's of links and none of them to what I want.

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          the default setting in the search tool orders the results by listing "newest first." i always change it to list results in order of RELEVANCE. huge difference.

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              Aha...just tried it. Took me awhile to figure out how to change to relevance. Works great....thanks again.