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Apr 10, 2009 07:54 AM

NYC CHer needs a Philly (City Center) rec

My sister and I are headed down to Philly this weekend to celebrate my cousin's birthday. We need a place to eat on Saturday night in City Center. I would say we wouldn't want to spend more than 60/person and I don't think my cousin is super adventurous when it comes to food (no sushi). Anything new, delicious with local ingredients (and beer) is also always a plus!

Thanks in advance!

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  1. For a casual dinner, I's recommend beer & mussels at Monks Cafe, is in a very central location. A little less central, is Standard Tap, a gastropub with all local draft beers, great burgers, clams, pork sandwich.

    1. Where do you/your cousin like to eat in NYC? It would be easier to make a recommendation to fit your tases if I had an idea if the places you enjoy there.

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        southwark prides themselves on local, organic, sustainable ingredients. standard tap also i believe......white dog cafe is a psuedo chez panisse

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          I like to eat at tons of places in NYC (crispo, keens, fleur de sel, sripraphai, sapporo, etc.) but my cousin is picky (she has a fear of melted cheese!). She is from CT but moved down to Philly for work and NEVER goes out to eat. I've seen her eat hamburgers and Chinese. Maybe Standard Tap would be good, but I was thinking something a little more special for her birthday. I know she has eaten at Monks before, because it is right around the corner from her. I might have to do lunch there on Sunday - heard it is good.

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            If she eats seafood you could try Devon Seafood Grille

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              If she eats Chinese, she's probably a little more versitile than you think. Monk's is fun, but always SO packed and the burgers are not worth the hype although their fries and mussels are great and beer list is the best anywhere, the rest of the menu leaves alot to be desired . You would probably enjoy matyson more although it is BYO. Rouge is on Rittenhouse Square, has great burgers, not quite as nuts as Monk's, a little better menu also and if it is nice out you can sit outside. The same goes for Parc. it is not the best food in the world, but a great atmosphere, and while it is a French Brasserie, there are basic dishes your cousin could relate to easily enough. I would love to send you to Amada in Old City, but that is Tapas and may be too much for her

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                If your friend (cousin?) lives in the vicinity of Monks (and has been there)...

                Take her to La Viola. It's an Italian BYO on 16th (virtually across the street from Monks). I can't vouch for the local nature of their buying; however, it sounds like you want to introduce her to the options at her fingertips, and it's a solidly good BYO right in the neighborhood, with solidly good, yet affordable, food.

                If you're willing to go a BYO route, there are liquor stores on 19th & Chestnut and also 12th & Chestnut.

            2. Check out Amada (authentic Spanish tapas) and Distrito (Mexican--small plates). Both have a really fun atmosphere and both have pretty broad menus that might appeal to both adventurous and non-adventurous eaters.