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Apr 10, 2009 06:51 AM

seattle wedding dinner spot for 20 - urgent

friends, my sister is having a small wedding for family for about 20 people in seattle may 15 weekend. unfortunately, the place she had booked for the dinner, tulio, double-booked our room -- and we are out! now it's a last-minute scramble to find and book another place. most of us are coming in from san francisco, new york and other major cities. i think the goal is to have a mid-priced -- as far as wedding dinners go...i think tulio was around $75/head but they could swing it because the wedding is so small -- place with a private room that is fun, festive, intimate, ambient and has pretty good food. (she originally wanted a place outside of town...some sort of organic prix fixe with "farm" in the name, but it was too pricey.) we don't have to have the best food of our lives, though a certain specialness would make sis feel good. (here's the sob story part: she and her fiance live in montana and are in seattle that weekend only to see a visiting specialist from japan because their baby has a rare bone marrow failure syndrome.)

i'd welcome any input on this. time's of the essence! (btw, the families have not yet booked rooms, but have some on hold in downtown hotels, so we're somewhat flex on location. the ceremony is in the queen anne neighborhood.)

kim, who never thought she'd be an MOH again at this age ;- )

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  1. Have you talked to the Dahlia Lounge? They have private dining; you might get lucky.

    1. The original comment has been removed
      1. I know from experience the Palace Kitchen's private room seats 14.

        'Upstairs' reminds me - there's a really sleek space upstairs at Purple that seats 22 and might fit the bill.

      2. We had our rehersal dinner at Maximiliens in the Market, Willy was great. Very friendly, great food and well priced. Beautiful view of the water as well.

        1. several good ideas - also be aware that steelhead diner has an upper level room perfect for a party of twenty

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            Cremant has the lovely garden room. Boat st has a private dining area. Both are lovely, and occasion worth atmosphere and food. Rays also has a banquet room (may be more $$, but the view!)

            Like the idea of Maxmillien, everyone could stay at inn at the market. what a great "seattle' weekend. in the same vein, check w/ the pink door.

            i have done business meetings at the Arctic Club, and they were wonderful, also cool place to brin out of town guests.

            Finally, i attended a party at the Uptwon Hideaway, that was great. It is space only, so then you have to find a caterer....may end up too much $$.

          2. I'd try Tavolata as well. The food is very good, in your price range and is close to downtown. Most restaurants are not exactly busy these days so I'll bet you will have better luck finding a place last minute.