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Apr 10, 2009 04:33 AM

Recession dining in the burbs?

My husband and I are in full out budget mode and have been eating out much less frequently :( I'd love to find either some inexpensive restaurants, or some good restaurant deals, so we can save some money so we can get out a bit more. Does anyone have any great inexpensive restaurants? Any dining deals you know of? Any tips for economical dining? I know this topic has been covered in Phiilly, but not so much in the burbs.

My favorite cheap dinner spots are Yalda Kabob in Horsham and Cafe Vietnam in Telford. I am also a big fan of which offers $25 gift certificates at some really good restaurants for $10 (and sometimes run specials of 50-70% off of their $10 price). And I love the cupons in Clipper Magazine! I also BYO when I can, Bridgets's at 8 West offers BYO on Sundays.

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  1. I'm with you on the money saving mode. But, how can you bring up Bridget's 8 West in a discussion of inexpensive restaurants? I'd add to your list From the Boot in Lafayette Hill and Basile's in Perkasie, both BYO.

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      Well, Bridget's offers gift certificates on So combine the cupon/certificate with the BYO night!

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        Maybe we have to redefine cheap. We went last Sunday with a certificate. We split an app, each had an entree, split a dessert, and did BYO, and the bill came to $70+ with tip. Not my idea of cheap!

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          I was thinking cheap dinner spots plus dining deals as well (I'd consider something like a BYO night, or fixed price mid week menu a deal, even if not technically cheap). For example alot of nice cc restaurants are offering $35/pp "recession menus, while not cheap, definitely a deal compared to normal prices.

    2. We are totally in super budget mode! We have been celebrating special occasions cooking at home with friends and rarely dining out. But I really love the 3 course lunch for $9 at Thai Orchid on Dekalb in E. Norriton (Blue Bell to some)

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        I was going to say Vietnam Cafe, but would also add Mi Ranchito in Souderton, Teryaki Chef in Q-Mart, and Tiajuana Tacos (shoot-- how do you spell it?) in Quakertown.

      2. have you tried the new mexican place in Plymouth meeting? DH and I ate there last night for $30. See the post on Plaza Azteca. it was very tasty!

        1. Uzbekistan in the NE! Try to go with a group...the portions are HUGE and the food is amazing. It is a byob and most people bring vodka. You will feel very welcome there.

          1. great idea for a thread! Thai Nadia in Lansdale has a popular lunch special too, three courses and 9.99 I think. I like my trips to Assi market and the food court too. I can grab some fresh produce and delicious yaki bons from the supermarket area and while my bons are cooking I can order spicy chicken vegetable soup or ramen or maybe a smoothie Oh and Pho Thai Nam also in bluebell. Got their lunch special yesterday, it is main course, choice of a spring roll or the tom yum soup.and a soft drink for 10.00. I got the brisket pho and my friend got delicious pineapple chicken fried rice. I had a nice chat with one of the women about all the beautiful colorful paper cranes that form a window curtain. She told me it took her and her friend a looong time to make them. I guess for me when I am trying to save money I look to the East. :)