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Apr 10, 2009 04:12 AM

Quebec City with Teenagers

We're visiting Quebec City the end of this month. Can anyone recommend a funky and delicious place to take a group of well behaved 13yr old girls for a birthday dinner in Quebec City. We'll be near the Morrin Centre toward the end of the day. Any recommendations would be hugely appreciated.

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  1. What kind of food are you looking for and what is your range price?

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    1. re: phyero

      Thanks for the reply - They'd like to steer clear of mexican or italian but otherwise they are up for anything. I think the atmosphere is as important as the food. We'd like to stay around $20 per person. I have personal interest in any especially good ethnic restaurants - do you know of any good vietnamese? We love pho.

      1. re: kneebrrr

        How many girls? and at what time do you want to make reservations? What day of the week or week-end(many restaurants close on sunday)
        Forgotten questions but essential to help you out....

        1. re: phyero

          5 girls, 15 people all together. A Tuesday night between 5:30 and 7:00. I appreciate your help.

          1. re: kneebrrr

            ok I will think of some ideas and be back to you by the end of the day... Is 20$ +tx+ service your max?

            1. re: phyero

              great. thnx a million. Yes, 20$ +tx+ service - we're there for quite a few days and on a budget.

    2. I am still working on the project... do you want to walk to the restaurant or will you be driving before going to your home or hotel room?

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        I mean could the restaurant be between Morrin Center and hotel or are you staying in Old city

        1. re: phyero

          We're staying in Old city. We'll have a car. I'd say anything within 5 miles of Morrin Center should be easy enough to get to.