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Apr 9, 2009 10:57 PM

CWE St. Louis

We are big fans of the Central West End in St. Louis but don't think that there are too many options for us "foodies", Although Savor didn't make it, we still enjoyed the cuisine at different phases of it lifecycle. Am i missing something or are Liluma and Terrene my only options?

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  1. You could also try Herbie's Vintage 72. It is in the old Balaban's space and is run by the management team of Monarch. Most of the reviews have been positive enough to warrant trying.

    Another option is Scape. This opened over a year ago and was initially panned by reviewers, but recently the chef has revamped the menu and approach and reports have been much more positive.

    Another option is Bar Italia. It's known primarily for its nice outdoor seating area and I must admit that my last meal there was only decent, but depending on your tastes it is worth checking out.

    Finally there is Cafe Eau and Eau Bistro in the Chase Park Plaza hotel. The former chef of Monarch, Brian Hale, took over these restaurants in October and based on his previous work on Monarch, these could be worth trying as well.

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      Herbie's is mostly about the scene (and being seen) and trying to recreate the style of the old Balaban's. If they were truly interested in the food, they wouldn't have permitted and encouraged smoking.

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        I would have to say no to Herbie's as it is more of a social event than that focuses on everything but the food. It tends to be quite loud and smokey there so it is difficult to enjoy your meal. I tried it once and it was simply average. In terms of menu selections and food quality and freshness, I prefer Terrenne over Scape, but I have not been back since the menu was revamped so it will be worth a 2nd look. I also like Moxy Bistro.

      2. I dine out in STL frequently and I must say, my friends and I share your opinion of the food in the CWE. As far as Terrene goes, I've loved it and at other times, not so much. I've worked w/people who worked @Balaban's "back in the day", so Herbie's piqued my interest, but I'm one of the few who's been disappointed by/Monarch. I like walking around, looking @the architecture and that's about it. Maybe drinks @Herbie's...

        1. I realize it's not on or immediately off Euclid, but Atlas is also technically in the CWE and it gets consistently good marks on this board and elsewhere. I've always had good meals and good service at Terrene.

          1. Seems like we are all in agreement. The problem with some of these choices is I go to the CWE to hang out, eat and drink in multiple places, outside watching the un-St.Louis-like eclectic crowds. So Herbies and the Chase are out for me. I like Dressel's (again). They had problems there for a few years and all is good. I don't know who or what but the chips are hot and salty, the reuben is great and the Felinfoeul (sp?) is delish. The new Brazilian restaurant is getting spanked in blogs so I'll skip that. GO to bar italia for their great salumi. Its not artisinal but it is good. Great caponata. Duff's still has great pate. And as Alan said, Atlas, though not in CWE proper is delish. But still not a hang out joint. Oh, Scottish Arms for , well duh? scotch and some smoked salmon. Skip anything they actually cook. Cafe Ventana. Fun place, very casual, nice outside area and something for everyone.

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              Caponata pizza? I've been craving that for awhile. I've only seen it on one menu ever and unfortunately, that place closed. Caponata is a chopped pickled eggplant, so you could just be referring to a side dish, but it's a great pizza topping.

            2. I have been a fan of Chez Leon for quite a while. Perhaps not cutting edge, but it's a lovely room with consistently good food. And Leon always makes us feel so welcome.