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Apr 9, 2009 10:26 PM

chow on your cell?

so for you techies......i have been unable to search chowhound on my cell phone (blackberry) while on a recent trip. have any of you successfully done this? what am i missing????? i can pull up chowhound, but simply cannot search specific areas.

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  1. I've an iphone and have been able to search by pulling up the regular site, not the mobile. I do have problems making the right hand search field active and need to go to the specific board to execute a search with the search box at the top.

    1. Loads of problems from the Blackberry. It worked fine a couple of years ago but now my searches only bring up RECIPES when I want to find a !@#@@! restaurant. This is very frustrating. And I can't find my way to the local board. It's enough to make you go to Yelp!