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Apr 9, 2009 10:23 PM

Santa Barbara Breakfast

Hello! So, are there any real stand out places for a weekday breakfast in Santa Barbara for a family with young children? I am hoping for something fresh with local ingredients & fantastic coffee. Tasty baked items would be nice as well.


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  1. we're semi-regular visitors to the city, so locals will probably have better suggestions, but we found a decent brekkie at D'Angelo's Bakery --breads and baked stuffs are above average, coffee too if you like the darker roasted style popular on the coast. Prices are geared to the well-off segment of S.Barbara, but normal=high in that context. They make their own marmalade from scratch and it was outstanding, so that would be a local fresh product, and the eggs and fruits seemed very fresh. We like Mexican style breakfasts, so the next time we'd probably look for a more working-class kind of venue that would cost a fraction (the quality of the coffee might drop off as well in proportion, of course), but the toast (nice choices of breads) and marmalade might draw us back.

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      Roses on the Mesa. Mexican delight. Lots of parking in back.

    2. Cafe Bianco for a charming and casual place in the Victoria courtyard setting off State Street in the 1200 block. Wonderful breakfasts and they know their coffee and pastries.

      Renaud;s French Bakery in Loreto Plaza at State and Los Positas has the most incredible croissants and do everything to a very high quality degree for a small table setting cafe counter service place. But their pastries are European style perfection. Have to assume the coffee is just as good.

      Anderson's Danish bakery in the 1100 block - great outdoor sittings for people watching and opulent tea room settings inside. Legendary multicourse breakfasts for more European tastes.

      Cajun Kitchen is a funky local favorite for hearty breakfasts in the old South way, very casual but friendly in various locations but the one on 1900 Dela Vina is our favorite. Garretts on corner of Mission and and State Street, 2000 block is just open for lunch and breakfast because that is what they specialize in.

      And of course my old chain standby, but in Santa Barbara it is in a very unique setting with a huge towering fig tree growing right in the center of the restaurant, is ta, da the IHOP on State Street, about the 1700 block for their can't be beat Swedish pancakes.

      All places are kid friendly. Here is a link so you can get more details:

      1. Beachbreak Cafe on lower State - not fantastic coffee - so go across the street to the Santa Barbara Roasting Company (RoCo to the locals) for your java and then chow down at Beachbreak.

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          thanks all! we went to d'angelos & loved it! fantastic coffee & breakfast. I enjoyed the "rose eggs" which were poached & served over kalamata olive toast (best i've had) with artichoke spread. my son had the brioche french toast & a fried egg which was also very very good and my husband had the huevos rancheros really like them. we also had a hot cross bun & took home a baguette of french bread. thanks for the rec it was a tasty meal.

        2. DeAngelo's Bread
          Cafe Bianco
          Beachbreak Cafe
          Andersen's Danish Bakery
          Cajun Kitchen

          D'Angelo Bread
          25 W Gutierrez St, Santa Barbara, CA

          Cafe Bianco
          11 W Victoria St Ste 9, Santa Barbara, CA 93101

          Beachbreak Cafe
          324 State St Ste B, Santa Barbara, CA 93101

          Andersen's Danish Bakery
          1106 State St, Santa Barbara, CA 93101

          Cajun Kitchen Cafe
          1924 De La Vina St, Santa Barbara, CA 93101

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            I seem to recall having a good breakfast at Tupelo, but that was in the original location. Do they still serve it up?