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Apr 9, 2009 10:04 PM

Best Ceasar in Boston?

I am going down to Boston with my girlfriend for the weekend and was wondering where I could find the best Caesar salad. Although I assume some restaurant in the North End holds the best recipe, I am more than willing to travel within the Boston limits to find it. I am looking for a garlicky, fresh-tasting dressing that has a thinner texture, definitely prepared with raw egg, and topped with cracked black pepper and fresh parmesan. I want the classic rendition. If anyone has any favorites, my girlfriend and I would be greatly appreciative. Thanks so much.

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    1. My wife orders the Ceasar everywhere, and her favorites are at the steakhouses. Abe & Louis, Grille 23 & Bar and Capitol Grille are her favorites.

      1. The Caesar salad we had with dinner at Pescatore (Ball Square, Somerville) was outstanding in my memory - having just the dressing you describe, beautiful, fresh plump anchovies (optional, of course) and house-made croutons that almost trumped the rest of the salad. The romaine was so fresh - cold and crisp. High quality parmesan. It is likely one of the best Caesar salads I have had.

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          I agree about Pescatore. And while it may be a bit too far out from Boston, the Caesar salad at Via Lago in Lexington is one of the best I've had in the Boston area.

        2. I think if you're looking for "best" Caesar salad, you'd want it prepared like the San Diego original, i.e., tableside, with your server cracking the eggs and whipping up the dressing and assembling the thing right in front of you. I imagine that had as much to do with the original's appeal as its tastiness.

          I vaguely remember a discussion about this here a couple of years back, but does any Boston restaurant do a tableside Caesar prep anymore? Some place in the North End was the last place I recall doing it, though you might expect it at a place like Anthony's Pier 4, or perhaps Locke-Ober.

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          1. Ha anyone been to The Castle lately? Is it worth the checkbook dent?

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              I'm with you -- a table side egg-cracking would be outstanding. My dad used to talk about that.

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                Moving to Boston many years ago, as a new 20-something, I treated myself to my 1st fancy meal. Somehow, even back then, I had researched for this experience. It was lunch in the Ritz dining room on a beautiful sunny day at a window table, where my salad dressing was mixed from scratch tableside by one of several waitstaff. A fondly remembered occasion.

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                  I had the Caesar at Locke-Ober during dinner a couple months ago -- alas not table-side (I had hoped it would be), but quite delicious (flavorful, garlicky dressing...)

                2. I haven't been in a while, but i recall Stella, in the South End (on Washington Street) having a really delicious Ceasar salad....really garlicky, lemony, flavorful. This thread is actually making me crave it right now :)