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Apr 9, 2009 10:01 PM

O.C. Legs of Lamb & Ham, where are you buying your Easter meats.

I am looking for input on where people in Orange County are going to buy their Easter Hams and Leg of Lamb.

What brands and types do you prefer from our Orange County stores.

I am thinking about getting a small cut of both for the Easter meal.

Not so much the high end stuff, that is a bit much in this economy and not always conveniently available
But more mid-range items that can be found at grocery stores in most Southern California (OC & LA) areas.

Lately, I have not been impressed with the spiral cut glazed hams.

I thought it would be interesting to hear where and what other people are buying for their Easter main dish.

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  1. for lamb, bristol farms is pretty hard to beat.