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Apr 9, 2009 10:00 PM

Looking for Visayan Bibingka

This is for the Filipinos or Filipino aficionados in the house. My mother is Visayan Filipino and claims that the bibingka is different from Tagalog bibingka. Does anyone know where I can buy it? (I'll settle for a recipe,)

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  1. i'm not sure, but you might want to try illongo delicacies on santa monica and vermont in east hollywood. if they don't have it, you can ask them where to get it. good luck!

    1. I have a recipe that you might like.

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        1. re: DCAS876

          Yes! Would love that recipe! How is it different from Tagalog Bibingka?

          1. re: mawf1977

            Me too! From which part of Visayas this recipe came from.


          2. re: DCAS876

            I am interested in the recipe. I am a Hawaii born visayan/spanish/chinese and I think I know which kind of bibingka you are talking about. I would love to have the recipe. Can you email it to me? ........ Salamat po'

          3. did you ever get a recipe of the Visayan bibingka? I am so interested in it. My email is