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Apr 9, 2009 09:09 PM

Reasonably priced Santa Monica options

My sister is in town for three weeks. She is staying near the pier in Santa Monica with her family (including toddler). I live in Miracle Mile and rarely get over to that side of town, sadly, so really don't know the area as well as I should. Any suggestions for non-tourist trap/reasonably priced places that they can go for lunches and/or dinners would be much appreciated.

They are in town from Paris and everyone (including the toddler) love all sorts of food. I think reasonable prices can generally be considered under $30/person. Mostly looking for good everyday type places as opposed to special/fine dining options.

Thanks for all the help in advance!

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  1. we really enjoyed a plate of caribbean food for lunch from Cha Cha Chicken on Ocean Ave @ Pico. For $10 there was a pile of jerk chicken wings, plaintains, rice and beans, and a bit of salad. The wings and plaintains were fresh-cooked to order. They also had some interesting looking vegetarian items, overall, a pretty varied menu if you like food seasoned in that style. It's very casual, you order from the window but there's plenty of seats and tables.

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      i second Cha Cha's. The jerk chicken enchilladas were deliciously tender. The sauce was very savory. Fried plantains were perfect...not too greasy and we had to order a second serving. Almost everything was under $9.

      This is a great BYOB and ideal for warm summer nights and a stroll on the santa monica beach afterwards. Patio seating w/ heaters too.

    2. Buddhas Belly ...great Asian food
      Three Squares ...on Abbott Kinney.... great breakfast lunch and dinner and bakery
      The Rose Cafe...great breakfast or lunch
      17th St. Cafe on Montana...
      Cafe Dana on Montana
      Tacos Por Favor
      Sushi King on Wilshire
      Kay and Daves across from Brentwood Country Mart on 26th st.
      All of the places I mentioned are fairly non-touristy...kid friendly ...really good reasonably priced food and casual.

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          1. Well, $30pp gives them plenty of options.

            Poom Thai (best on Sunday and Monday nights)
            Monte Alban (short drive)
            El Super Taco (best tacos I've had on the Westside)
            Musha (fun Japanese small plates)
            Manchego (fun Spanish small plates)
            Bay Cities (for bread and sandwiches to-go)
            King's Head (Come to the US! Eat British food!)
            Fritto Misto
            Le Petite Cafe