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Apr 9, 2009 09:07 PM

Lamb chops and....

I am particularly lucky this weekend. I don't have to go anywhere. Just me and chowspouse for Easter dinner. So, baby lamb chops....what else? Last time just did chops with S&P and mustard greens, don't recall the starch, might have been fingerlings...
What would you do?

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  1. Here's a start from our own Chowhound recipe file:
    Asparagus or artichokes along side with wheat berries prepared in a buttery chicken stock?

    1. We're also doing lamb chops - with a little vinegary mint sauce, sided by a whole heap of Brussels sprouts braised in garlic and orange juice, and a loaf of superior boule to mop up all the juices.

      Simple and yummy.


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        Instead of my standard mint sauce, I grabbed the jar of garlic and hot pepper jelly from the fridge, melted it, added a bunch of chopped mint and a bit of white balsamic. It was heavenly! Cay

      2. sliced roasted red potatoes with rosemary

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          i like roasted potatoes with lamb chops too. orzo makes a nice accompaniment -- orzo salad with black olives, scallions, feta and mint. sauteed garlicky spinach. if you feel motivated, garlic custards are awesome too.

          roasted fennel also delish with lamb.

        2. Since brussels sprouts are just starting to appear in the farmer's market...What about lamb chops with roast brussels sprouts tossed in mint/cilantro? I bet it would be a good combination. David Chang's recipe is a little wild but fun. I really liked it:

          Or roast asparagus?

          I like to put a tiny bit of curry powder on lamb chops before cooking.

          1. I love a potato and gruyere soufle (not difficult). Also for the chops I love a light white wine and dried fruit chutney with some spice), for a veggie, I love roasted grape tomatoes with garlic oil and herbs, and a chilled asparagus salad with a light dill cream sauce. No bread needed.

            Roasted fennel cut thin over fresh arugula or spinach with a simple balsamic honey vinaigrette with orange zest is great served with lamb. I love crusting lamb glazed with orange marmalade and honey and fresh mint which is a simple glaze and makes for a great easy topping. Served with the fennel and salad and then some grilled baguettes with a wild mushroom ragu and goat cheese.