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Apr 9, 2009 08:54 PM

Texas Hill Country Food and Wine Sunday Fair???

I won tickets to the Sunday Fair but have a baby. Is this a kid friendly event? The tickets say 21 and up but some online postings from past Sunday Fairs mentioned that 12 and under were admitted free? I'm running across contradictory information in my online searches and hate to get a sitter if it is a family event. Has anyone gone in the past? What's the vibe?

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  1. I actually have never been, but everything I heard says adults only. Since you got free tix, go ahead and spring for a sitter and enjoy a date night!

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      No, It's really not a kid's event. It's not at all like a fair, it's a wind and food event . Wait and take the kid(s) to Art Ciry Austin where kids are free and they will have a seperate kid's area with kid;s music, kid's food and kid's music. It;s the last weekend of April.

    2. I've been many times, and you will have no problem with the kids, there's a kid tent, and live music too. I would recommend getting there when the gates open, as it can get a little crowded later on.

      1. I would agree to BarleyBob that it's OK for kids to be there but not really focused on them. Keep in mind also there's lots of standing in line waiting for food or vino and the kids may get a bit impatient, especially since they'll be sober :)