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Apr 9, 2009 07:59 PM

Miami Dinner

One night to eat good food in Miami. Looking for a great foodie place, not too expensive or fancy for a Thursday night dinner. Veggie friendly.
Was thinking Michy's or Osteria del Teatro...
which one? or another idea?
Please help!!!

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    1. Red Light at 7700 Biscayne Blvd. Old Miami on the ungentrified Little River. Wonderful outdoor setting and superb food by Kris Wessel. Michy's also excellent at 69th and Biscayne. Micheal's Genuine, Pacific Time and Brosia in the Design District are worthy alternatives.

      1. All good suggestions here. Good food, not too expensive or fancy and veggie friendly sounds especially like Red Light to me, though you may have to cobble together a few of the veggie side dishes to put together a vegetarian meal.

        Michy's will be pricier but also a good call. A veghead could put together a nice meal between the white gazpacho, the bibb lettuce salad, truffled polenta and egg(though have to ask for it w/ no bacon and ask whether the polenta's made with a meat broth or not). there's usually a pasta or two that can likely be prepared without beast, etc.