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Apr 9, 2009 07:55 PM

best restaurants with GREAT FOOD to have a wedding dinner (around 60 guests)?

My fiancee and I are planning a simple wedding and wanted to see what restaurants might be great to have a dinner.

Food is really important for us so we'd rather have the dinner at a place where the food is good rather than a venue space that has mediocre catering.

We plan to have about 60 guests. It doesn't need a dance space, it just has to wow us with their food!

We've looked into the usual suspects: Otto, Blue Hill, Craft... but wanted to know if you've had your wedding dinner or been invited to one that you've really liked. We love Italian and French but we're open to other foods as well.

Thanks in advance for your tips!

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  1. I was thinking once about where I would hold a wedding dinner and I keep coming back to Charuscaria Plataforma. I don't know why but it just has that wedding feeling to it and no one would leave hungry. I has something for everyone (even the pickiest of eaters). The meat is good and the buffet is very nice. Let everyone get nice and drunk on that drink they make with the limes and mint (Caipriahnas?) or champagne. I believe they have a deal where you can bring your own champagne and wedding cake and just pay a corkage and cutting fee. I know others will recommend fancier restaurants but Plataformas always has a celebratory atmosphere and you can't beat their prime rib!