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Apr 9, 2009 07:39 PM

Seafood Please! Harbour? Mermaid Inn? John Dory?

I'm looking for a great atmosphere...a fabulous raw bar...and an overall wonderful dining experience. Advice on where to go? Harbour? Mermaid Inn? John Dory?

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  1. I don't know about your other 2 choices, but you will certainly not get anything wonderful at Mermaid. It is quite mediocre. From reviews I've read, John Dory looks promising, if expensive. Aquagrill is known for a very good raw bar, and the food is generally quite good. I've had some nice meals there, but I don't know that it would qualify as "wonderful" either.

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      I personally enjoy the raw bar at Balthazar! We order the seafood tier, a side of fries and a bottle of Sancerre and it's a great date night! The Mermaid Inn has a great lobster roll. Heard v. good things about John Dory but haven't been.

      1. re: CMG920

        Perhaps you got lucky at Mermaid, but the lobster roll we had was skimpy and bland (and overpriced).

        1. re: rrems

          I agree, Mermaid lobster roll is borderline offensive these days (sloppy, watery, thin, is there any lobster in there?) I have been twice in the past 2-3 months. Both times, not good (rushed, poor service as well).

          1. re: malibu

            Given a recent visit I also have to agree re: Mermaid's lobster roll & service. And though it may be wrong to look a gift horse in the mouth, that chocolate 'mousse' they give out at the end of the meal is terrible.

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            Oh, that's disappointing. It's been a minute since I've been there so perhaps the quality has gone downhill. I do enjoy the lobster roll @ Pearl Oyster as well.

      2. This might not be in the vein you are thinking about as it doesn't have an extensive raw bar (but very good) and is definitely a bit more casual, but I went to Pearl Oyster Bar recently and absolutely loved it... Mermaid Inn I think is "fine" but not spectacular, even though it's a nicer ambiance than Pearl.

        1. I've heard great things about Harbour. You might also consider Lure Fishbar.

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            I love Lure. I also love Tides, but it might not have the variety you are looking for in a raw bar. Their fried clams and oysters are TO DIE FOR though. And the bouillabaisse. Pretty interior too (it is TINY though).