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Apr 9, 2009 06:05 PM

Coconut Cream Pie

Anyone have a delicious, tried and true recipe for Coconut Cream Pie?

My absolute favorite is from the Capital Grille - in a coconut macaroon crust, but I can't find a recipe.

Any recipes welcome as I plan to make for Easter. Thank you!!!

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  1. "Macaroon crust" usually just means the crust is made with shredded coconut - or occasionally crumbled, toasted macaroon cookies - and a few other ingredients like butter or heavy cream & sugar.

    i'm guessing from the description on the Capital Grille menu that it's the caramel rum sauce that sends it over the could probably track down an acceptable recipe to replicate it.

    in the meantime, these pie recipes (both with macaroon-style crusts) might work for you as a starting point:

    incidentally, Tom Douglas is a well-known and respected Seattle chef, so his recipe - in Cottage Living - is probably a trustworthy one.

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      The Tom Douglas coconut cream pie almost defines coconut cream pie for me.

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        Cooks Illustrated. Real coconut flavor in the crust and the filling. Really great.

      2. Full disclosure- I don't like coconut pie. But I could live on Tom Douglas' triple coconut pie. The recipe is in his cookbook (I can't remember which one), but I tend to just go and buy one when the urge hits. It is not too sweet, and uses top ingredients.

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          1. Capitol Grille Coconut Pie recipe -- Does anyone have it? If so, can you please send it to me.

            Thank you.

            1. I made one yesterday. I use the CI foolproof pie crust, put down a layer of toasted coconut, a mound in vanilla bavarian cream, top with more toasted coconut, top that with a bunch of whipped cream, then sprinkle on a little more toatsed coconut, for garnish. It gets rave reviews. It is light and delicious.