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Apr 9, 2009 05:20 PM

Z'pizza in Columbia is closing

Saturday is last day. California Tortilla closed as did the horrible sandwich place. Wonder how long the others will last?

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  1. That's too bad, but I can't say I'm surprised. My son's school had a fundraiser there and the place was just about empty. I liked the pizza, but no one else in my family did.

    1. Horrible sandwich place = Atlanta Bread?

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      1. re: OneSonTwoCats

        That's it!! Sorry if others liked it, we just didn't on all levels. I thought that Pot Belly was going in, but signs for lease are up in the windows.

      2. Wow. Are the Asian place (former Red Parrot) and boutique coffee shop still there?
        That's a terrible location. They need to have signs by Snowden River at least.

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        1. re: little audrey

          Cafe Orinico is also gone and the Asian place is there, but was sold from the Red Parrot. It's astounding how horrible that entire project has failed, with 5 of the initial 8 restaurants failing. I'm not surprised about Z-pizza...the quality dropped dramatically about the same time that they decreased their pizza by the slice size.... I know that's when I stopped going there. It was right about the time of a massive staff change. Atlanta bread was also terrible, and compared poorly to even the Panera down the street. And California tortilla was easily the worst of the five burrito places in the area, and that was the worst run location I've been to in the chain. They were constantly out of the famed hot sauces, and they put out a poor quality product. I wanted to like Cafe Orinico, I really did, but they were just too expensive. $5 for an empanada? They were good, but not that good. And the sandwich/side menu options were always very confusing. Red Parrot was also very expensive for lunch, and just not worth it. Better sushi could be had at Sushi King, better noodles and pho down Snowden River Pkwy. Their menu was just a muddled mess. It's funny, but with each failed business there was something that I really disliked, and for me it wasn't the location. This center was just filled with 3rd tier operations.

          1. re: Jason1

            The Z-Pizza in Rockville isn't far behind. I'm amazed they've lasted this long. I've had pizza from there 4 times and it was always a disappointment.

        2. Too bad that these places are having such a hard time. It's actually a pretty central location. Someone pulled building permits at that MCGaw Road address for a restaurant called India Delight, but I haven't been by to see if they're actuallly building a restaurant.