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Apr 9, 2009 05:12 PM

How do Honeybaked and Martha Stewart Kirkland Signature hams compare?

I have never tried the Costco ham. I find the Honeybaked a tad saltier than I'd prefer, but I don't use much salt, and it's still less salty than Carando and other spiral-sliced hams that I've sampled. I do love the overall flavor and glaze of the Honeybaked. I'd love to hear from people who have had both kinds.

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  1. The Martha Stewart ham is a Polish style ham, superior, I think, to a Honeybaked ham. IMO, it is pretty good, but you should know that it is not pre-sliced.

    1. Honeybaked ham is just the absolute best to me! But I will give Miss Martha Stewart a try.

      1. If you think Honey Baked is salty then IMO you won't like the Costco ham. We have tried the Costco ham twice and it was very salty. We went back to Honey Baked which is the best spiral sliced ham we have found. Plus it keeps every one happy. Those that like a light smoke and those that like the sugar glazed. The best of both worlds.

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          Thanks for the comparison, Fritter, but just to clarify: I don't know if Costco has more than one type of ham; the Martha Stewart line was introduced, I believe, for the 2007 Christmas season. Was your "Costco ham" one of hers?

          1. re: greygarious

            IIR we bought the Kirkland ham. I don't think the Martha stewart ham at Costco was spiral sliced. The regular Kirkland hams in the stores may be different from the smoked spiral sliced ham they have on as well.
            Hope that helps.

        2. Had Costco hams several times, excellent glaze and not salty at all. HG are very good but, not that good to justify the extra cost.