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Apr 9, 2009 04:37 PM

Porto's Cakes?

Dear Chow Hounds:

I apologize for starting another Porto's thread, but over the years you've always come through for me; and I'd like to hear some feedback regarding Porto's cakes. I've been a customer of theirs for years, and a big fan of their Cuban pastries (which are better than any I've ever tasted outside of Miami), but I have only ever tasted the mango mousse and the piƱa colada cakes (both were incredible).

I'm wondering about the Cuban cake with buttercream icing. How is it? Is it really soaked with light brandy syrup? I just keep thinking of my wedding cake from the FourSeasons, which I couldn't believe was produced in a hotel bakery. That was the BEST cake I've ever tasted in my life, and NOT because it was my wedding day: brandy syrup-soaked genoise that was moist, light and fluffy, light buttercream that was buttery and not too sweet, and delicious apricot fruit filling. If Porto's could even come close, I would be on it like white on rice!

Also has anyone ever used Porto's for a major party? We're gathering information for a baby shower being given in our honor this summer. Any feedback regarding their courier delivery service? Our shower will take place in Los Angeles, of the 10 Freeway.

Since my husband is Cuban, we'd like to be able to source the bocaditos (papas rellenas, croquetas de jamon, and Cuban pastries) from the same place as the cake; but the cake needs to be really good. As a point of reference for the sake of comparison, we usually buy our cakes from Hansen's (which we like but my mother thinks is mediocre at best), Viktor Benes in the Gelson's Market, or Thee's International Bakery in the 3rd Street Farmer's Market.

Please, please, please share some feedback with this nervous, control-freak, new-mom-to-be!

Many thanks in advance,

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  1. Why don't you go and just try their cakes and decide for yourself. I think they offer almost all of their cakes as individual portions to purchase. Personally, I'm most fond of their cappucino mousse cake.

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      I haven't cared for the couple of cakes I've had at Porto's, but I think ninja has hit the nail on the head. Try the individual portions and choose accordingly. In fact, I'd be very happy if your Cuban husband told them the tres leches cake needs to ooze some of those leches, and they changed their recipe!

    2. if you're feeling frugal Porto's offers tastings for free. You just have to make an appointment. But just as ninja and sbritchky suggest you can get individual slices. Not sure if their cuban cake compares with your wedding cake. It's more of a pedestrian cake or rather not as sophisticated but it's still good in it's own league. I actually love their parisian chocolate cake and their cuban cake. That's what I had for my wedding cake and loved it. You can't beat it for the price. if i were not on a serious budget I probably would have gotten my cake somewhere else but with what I could afford Porto's delivered. I usually prefer cakes from Asian bakeries like Amandine and JJ if that gives you an idea of what i prefer.

      1. I can only attest for the mango mousse cake which is all I have ever bought but I did order some food for a surprise birthday party about 3 years ago. I had it delivered and it arrived on time and was great. They packaged it very nicely. I can't remember all the dishes but I guess they were the usual (papas rellenos, ham croquettes, empenadas etc.) I also ordered about 5 different desert trays that were different pastries and everyone enjoyed them. I was very satisfied with the whole deal and I found the prices to be very reasonable.

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          Many thanks for your responses and shered experiences. I truly appreciate your assistance with this!