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Apr 9, 2009 04:36 PM

Paris: May of 2009: suggestion for high quality food and experience for less than E100 with wine for dinner per person?

Tried to put limit on it because it seems that the very top restaurants are more in the E 200-250 region.

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  1. I have seen only positive comments about Le Celadon, which has a Michelin star and has a special offering on weekends, when it becomes "Le Petit Celadon" and the 3-course prix-fixe is 55 euros including wine and coffee. I haven't been there yet but it is in my plans for our trip this fall. The menu looks quite interesting.

    1. This is a good one where you can eat quite well for 100e or less with wine:

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        Thank you very much. Do suggest the bistro or the resturant? Major difference in food or price?

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          The Restaurant l'Oulette. I have actually never been to the bistro. The restaurant is very good, really star worthy in my opinion.

      2. I second the suggestion for L'Oulette. I've been many times and it's great. Not only is the food wonderful, but you will feel very pampered.

        I also recommend Au Fils des Saisons. I was there last year after reading about it on Chez Christine's blog (link below). This restaurant is definitely on my list of places to revisit on my trip this summer. The amuse was a tiny cup of asparagus soup. For starters, I had the house foie gras - a large slice served with a sprinkling of pepper and sea salt and a few divinely supple dried apricots. My friend had the scallops, which were outstanding. My main, the house special duck cooked for 7 hours, with foie gras melting on top of it, was wonderful. My companion had the duck breast with chestnuts and grapes, and it too was fabulous. (This was winter - the choices might be different this time of year, but the 7-hour duck is their signature dish and I'm sure it's always available). For dessert, I had the palette of ice creams. All five were delicious, but I was too full to eat more than a few bites of each. My friend had a millefeuille with rhubarb and kiwi which I thought sounded odd, but it was scrumptious. We shared a bottle of 2005 Chateau des Hautes Ribes Vacqueryas, a very smoky red wine that paired nicely with our duck. The tab for dinner was an even 90Euros for the two of us - - a bargain! The address is 6 Due Fontaines du Temple. It's a tiny, tiny place on a tiny, tiny street.

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        1. The very top restaurants are actually more in the 400-500 region. then it depends on zhqt kind of ambiance you're expecting. If you're OK with bistrot, the topic has been vastly addressed n this board -- CAJ, Regalade, ZKG, Chateaubriand, etc.