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Apr 9, 2009 04:20 PM

Morel Mushrooms in St. Louis

Jerry Berger would announce when morels were available at the old Balaban's.
Does anyone have any word on when or where in STL?

Thanks, Mark

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    1. I saw a blurb on the news 3-4 days ago about a metro east couple who have had hundreds of morels come up in their I'm guessing they're up, or at least starting.
      Since I apparently can be standing with a giant morel actually touching my foot and STILL not see it, I will be hunting Soulard Market for mine. Last year the mushroom guy in the NE wing had some beauties.

      1. Aaron Teitelbaum, one of the owners of Herbie's Vintage 72, just brought in 60 lbs of morels to the restaurant. They should be on the menu tonight!

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          Thanks jpg, I just called and learned they are serving them with pasta, so I'll be going there tomorrow night before I head back to New Orleans. It's been a nice weekend in STL.