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Apr 9, 2009 03:20 PM

Need hummus and pita for 20 ppl

I have been tasked with obtaining super fresh pita and high quality hummus for Easter. Looking for a place open this weekend and in Boston/Cambridge/Somerville or possibly Braintree/South Shore.

While i know of a few restaurant type places that fit my needs, buying from them will be costly. I am looking for a Greek or Mediterranean type deli or specialty store perhaps?

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  1. Massis Market in the 500 block of Mt Auburn in Cambridge comes to mind, many sizes of pita always super fresh and I like their hummus. There are a few other options on that same block (Arax Market for one).

    1. If you have a Cuisinart, might I suggest making your own? It is so very easy and cost-effective and you can make just about any flavor you'd like. I usually do an artichoke version as well as a kalamata olive/chive. If you have Trader Joe's near you, they have canned garbanzos, frozen and canned artichokes, etc.

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        Absolutely make your own. So easy and cost worthy. I have sams or any store but canned garbanzos frozen artichokes or any flavors, roasted red peppers and many places carry fresh pita. So worth making your own and so very easy.

      2. Agree with the post on making your own. If you buy, the hummus at Eastern Lamejun on Belmont St by MT Auburn is so flippin' wonderful. I can't get past the original, but they have others like red pepper and cumin. They have a variety of breads and their Mujadarha (sp? too exhausted to go look in my fridge to see what the container says, maybe lentil pilaf) is also yummy. Stuffed eggplant by the register (when available) is out of this world-savory, succulent a tiny bit tart from pom molasses. It's all so great you could do a hummus spread with a few litte extras from there and be a real hero

        1. Also in Watertown is Sevan. I particularly like their baba.