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Apr 9, 2009 03:01 PM

Underwhelmed by Skyland

Just a quick report about a recent underwhelming visit to Skyland De Shanghai.

We ordered 8-9 dishes from a tome of a menu including:

Soup Dumplings - nasty meatball inside, Asian Legend's are much better.
Wonton soup - thick skin, bland cloudy white broth.
Shaghai Style Fried Rice - bland, mushy, luke warm, no breath of the wok.
Glazed Pork Belly - only tasty dish, so fatty one could only eat a tiny bit, we finished it ;D
Chicken with Bamboo - Bland, Mushy, Salty.
Wine Chicken - Served in ceramic vas with tin foil cap, scrap cuts of chicken.
Spicy Noodles - Not that spicy.
Fried Pork - Don't think we ordered this, but it came and tasted like corporate chain.

Overall the dishes tasted identical, mushy, and slightly salty. Everything came out way too quickly to be freshly prepared.

The restaurant was busy, despite mediocre food. My guess is that most people come for the restautant's giant miniature shanghai pearl tower centerpiece and not the food.

I would not recommend Skyland period and definitely not worth the drive from downtown.

Was fun to see friends none the less!

Skyland De Shanghai Restaurant
680 Silver Star Blvd, Toronto, ON M1V5N1, CA

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  1. Thanks for the warning. Skyland's menu is so overly large that I think they kitchen is overstretching themselves. We almost ended up going there the other night, but decided to go to Hi Shanghai instead since we came from Pacific Mall. Had their sweet n' sour whole fish, which was delicious. Also the clear soup noodles with veggies (one of our regular dishes), pan fried buns which we asked them to fry it extra "crunchy", fatty pork belly in a sauce that was deep ruby and slightly oversweetend, and a string bean dish. The only dish we had to return was the bamboo shoots cold app because it was tasting rather raunchy. We had the entire place to ourselves on a monday night, so the chef at least had the time to cook our dishes properly (definitely not bland and mushy). Maybe give them a try next time and see what you think.

    1. Thanks for the review JonasBrand. I went there back in the Fall and found them to be mediocre. But to be fair, we only tried a few dishes. I had heard many good things about them. My SO and I ordered pig's tongue and they loved it, while I found the wine essence too strong.

      Pig's Tongue:

      Their green onion pancake wasn't too bad. Light and crisp when we ordered it. I was planning to go back sometime to try a few other dishes, but I guess now I won't bother. There are too many other restaurants to check out and too little time.



      1. i go to skyland for the minced meat noodle dish, it's on page 20, lower left hand corner, one of the better ones i've had.

        as for the dumplings, they're ok, but the my fav is still ding tai fung.

        1. i love going to skyland de shanghai. we've been going since they opened regularily and have only been disappointed once. but to be honest, we ALWAYS get the combo...whether its a combo for 2, 3, 4 or 10.

          i agree that i wouldnt say its worth the drive from downtown but its not far for us so we go often for a weeknight dinner.