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Apr 9, 2009 02:52 PM

baba ghannouj recipe


I'm looking for an authentic baba ghannouj recipe. I seem to recall that when my Lebanese friend made it, she added a spice to the dip (maybe zataar?). All of the recipes I've looked at appear to be the same as a recipe for making hummus but just substituting eggplant for the chickpeas. All suggestions are welcomed!

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    1. i've actually never made it myself (i live near a fantastic middle eastern market), but i know that the eggplant has to be roasted for that great smoky flavor. you can take a whole eggplant and hold it over the open flame of your stovetop until it is charred and blistery. once it's cool, peel and scoop out the flesh. the rest is like hummus, as you said: tahini, olive oil, lemon juice, fresh parsley.

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          yep, I've also seen methods calling for the entire eggplant to be placed on a grill ... charred and cooked and then the flesh scraped out for the ghannouj. I've not tried making it yet...the stuff sold in the stores all have mayonnaise in them as an ingredient...yuck! So, I'll be interested to see what is posted here!

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