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What to do with leftover, cooked kind of mushy rice?

Ok...over cooked too much rice! it's brown rice. i used some of it to make 'fried rice' but it's really too mushy and stuck together to have made that well (but we're going to eat it anyway) so now that i STILL have about 2-3 cups left, what to do? i don't want to throw it away.

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  1. It'd be perfect for arancini, rice pudding, or a rice & cheese casserole (similar to mac & cheese).

    1. This recipe will work even with the overcooked rice. I always make fresh rice and add it hot to the shredded cheese, but you can improvise!

      Cheesy Rice Casserole

      2 EGGS, BEATEN
      1/2 CUP OIL
      1 T SALT
      1/2 t PEPPER
      1/2 t SEASONED SALT


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        I'm in the process of baking this and I think that 1/2 cup oil is too much. The casserole looks fully baked and it's been over 45 min, yet there is almost an entire 1/2 oil pooled around it and on top of it. I just poured it off and I'm broiling it until the top browns a little. Anyone else have this experience?

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          I'm trying to figure why you need oil at all, Cheddar tends to be oily anyway.

        2. Put the rice in a shallow layer in a dry fry plan on medium high heat and keep stirring until the moisture has evaporated - it's possible to get the rice crispy and so then a good base for your fried rice.

          1. My doggie loves it, especially with leftover gravy!

            1. I'd say make one of those weird vegetarian loaf/lump things. Mash some beans, saute the vegetables of your choice (tons of garlic, please, and more celery than you think advisable), and mix the whole mess together. The rice will be a great binder.

              Form into a loaf and bake at 350 for about 45 minutes. Make a wine reduction with fresh herbs to serve it with, along with some brightly-flavored vegetables or a big salad

              I know -- very Mollie Katzen. But honestly, it can make for a welcome change of pace occasionally.

              If you don't live on it (as I used to), it can be a delicious and extremely nutritious alternative once in a while.

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                heehee. i love how you sell the idea: "those weird vegetarian lump things". =P

                (in all honesty, i do like those weird vegetarian lump things! good suggestion.)

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                  MAN, OH MAN! i want me "one of those weird vegetarian loaf/lump things."

                2. Stuffed peppers would be great. Some ground beef, turkey or just veggies and stuff with some herbs and cheese in peppers or tomato halves. Great side dish or main dish. I love them.

                  My version of stuffed cabbage. I use chopped veggies and rice then rolled in cabbage leaves with a great meat and tomato sauce

                  1. Porridge or congee would be the most obvious. Just add water, or stock, to the rice and bring to a boil and simmer and reduce until you reach the desired consistency.

                    And as cimui suggested above, you could make rice balls or arancini. I like to use panko crust mixed with crushed nuts (e.g. pistachio, walnuts, almonds). You could also add an Asian twist by adding some nori flakes and toasted sesame seeds. Sort of like a mochi.

                    1. Brown rice sourdough bread. About a 1:1 WW bread flour to rice ratio. It'll make a moist & dense bread, so substitute some gluten for the flour if you want it lighter.

                      About 1/4 tsp sea or kosher salt and a couple of Tbl oil per four cups total. A strong tasting corn oil is great, or experiment with a nut oil. A plain oil, such as sesame (untoasted) works well too.

                      Mix the salt into the flour, then add the rice, coating the grains. Add the oil. You'll need about 3/4 cup starter. There's no yeast, so it's pretty sour. (Mmmmm...) If you want a not so sour bread you could some yeast, but I can't give you ratios.

                      Sourdoughs require a very long rise; several hours or even overnight. Some great butter or tahini, it's good fresh and I like it even more toasted.

                      For fun you can add lightly sauteed small dice onion, charnushka seeds, etc. I've never used it for an onion board (pletzal?) but I'd wager it's good!

                      1. You could make rice croquettes to serve as a starter or snack. You can mix the rice with finely chopped onion, garlic (or other veg), flour and egg and then cover in breadcrumbs. Then you can fry or bake them and store them in the freezer.

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                          I do this with my leftovers but add grated parmesan, lots of garlic and fresh parsley. I stick a slice of italian sausage and mozza in the middle.

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                            I do this as well and add shredded and cooked kale, zuchinni, and carrots to it.

                        2. I had an aunt who would make rice pudding in a way where every grain of rice was mashed. So, maybe a kind of rice pudding?

                          1. Why fried rice of course! The recipes are all over the web but it is a left over food. You can do just about anything with it. stir fry some veggies in oil. scramble and egg or two into the pan. Add a combination of soy sauce, sesame oil and maybe some wine and sugar. then add the rice and keep stirring until the rice turns a golden brown and serve.

                            1. ... I actually will do the same with any left over rice and really like it. I mix it with hot and sour soup and make a breakfast porridge. Awesome with shiitake mushrooms!!

                              Sure it's not official but any time I hit a Chinese restaurant I always buy a large soup since I can't eat all the rice in one meal and it gets so stale the next day. It always stretches the meal into 3+ meals. (Rice in soup is more filling than you realize!)

                              1. Might make a good binder element for meatballs.....

                                1. In making baby food I learned to blend rice w/ a little water or broth and add this puree to soup (brocolli, squash, etc.) to thicken it.

                                  1. Oh yah, I also make pancakes w/ brown rice, pureed bananas or squash, wheat germ, etc. The overcooked rice could be used this way too.

                                    1. Rice pancakes, definitely. Chop finely some carrots, celery, green onion, garlic, celantro, ginger if you like. Mix with the rice and add a bit of soy or tamari and some beaten egg, a pinch of rice flour for crispy. Shallow fry in oil till brown on both sides. Serve with lettuce leaves, chili sauce and bean sprouts. Yum!