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Apr 9, 2009 02:27 PM

Restaurants with a view

How do folks feel about the restaurants with a view? I know the prices are high and perhaps the food suffers because the view is "king", but there's just something special about dining with a view of twinkling city lights! I am wondering about Canoe, 360, others?

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  1. Scaramouche — and it's on the ground.

    1. Canoe is way better than 360. At 360, you're paying primarily for the view and will get so-so food (better than you might expect, though!). At Canoe, you're paying for the food, the service, THEN the view. Just note that Canoe not open Saturday or Sunday.

      The view at Scaramouche is lovely, but it's a very different type of view than Canoe. At Canoe, you are in the city, very high up, so you can see the buildings and the lake. At Scaramouche, you are a fair bit north of downtown, so you get the lights of the city in the distance. Food and service are impeccable, though, so it's always a good choice.

      1. I like the view at Canoe much more than the view at Scaramouche. At Canoe, there are some tables which can see sunset and CN tower, some tables which can see the lake ...

        The view at Scaramouch is good, but it is a view from the ground level of a building quite far away from downtown as mentioned by TorontoJo, and basically the view is a mix of surrounding trees and a distant view of downtown buildings, I have friends who just not too impressed by the view they get at Scaramouche's window seat. I also prefer the food at Canoe more than Scaramouche.

        There are only a few restaurant with good view at Toronto, that's too bad...

        1. Hello Brou, Another one to think about is the Pearl Harbourfont, a great (in my opinion) Chinese restaurant, if you reserve a table you can overlook the lake and island. I really like the dim sum there at the weekend. Not too far from your hotel, either. You're coming in August? then you can go for a nice walk by the water afterwards!

          1. Also, not so much a restaurant, but the rooftop lounge at the Park Hyatt has a stunning view of the city and excellent cocktails. One of my favorite places in the city to be at sunset.

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              Yeah, that's an awesome one! Plus they actually have some really nice dim summy/tapas bar food. You should think of ending an evening up can sit outside too, though I'm not so sure how busy it gets. So many good suggestions, if I wasn't here already I'd be jealous :)