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Restaurants with a view

How do folks feel about the restaurants with a view? I know the prices are high and perhaps the food suffers because the view is "king", but there's just something special about dining with a view of twinkling city lights! I am wondering about Canoe, 360, others?

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  1. Scaramouche — and it's on the ground.

    1. Canoe is way better than 360. At 360, you're paying primarily for the view and will get so-so food (better than you might expect, though!). At Canoe, you're paying for the food, the service, THEN the view. Just note that Canoe not open Saturday or Sunday.

      The view at Scaramouche is lovely, but it's a very different type of view than Canoe. At Canoe, you are in the city, very high up, so you can see the buildings and the lake. At Scaramouche, you are a fair bit north of downtown, so you get the lights of the city in the distance. Food and service are impeccable, though, so it's always a good choice.

      1. I like the view at Canoe much more than the view at Scaramouche. At Canoe, there are some tables which can see sunset and CN tower, some tables which can see the lake ...

        The view at Scaramouch is good, but it is a view from the ground level of a building quite far away from downtown as mentioned by TorontoJo, and basically the view is a mix of surrounding trees and a distant view of downtown buildings, I have friends who just not too impressed by the view they get at Scaramouche's window seat. I also prefer the food at Canoe more than Scaramouche.

        There are only a few restaurant with good view at Toronto, that's too bad...

        1. Hello Brou, Another one to think about is the Pearl Harbourfont, a great (in my opinion) Chinese restaurant, if you reserve a table you can overlook the lake and island. I really like the dim sum there at the weekend. Not too far from your hotel, either. You're coming in August? then you can go for a nice walk by the water afterwards!

          1. Also, not so much a restaurant, but the rooftop lounge at the Park Hyatt has a stunning view of the city and excellent cocktails. One of my favorite places in the city to be at sunset.

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              Yeah, that's an awesome one! Plus they actually have some really nice dim summy/tapas bar food. You should think of ending an evening up there...you can sit outside too, though I'm not so sure how busy it gets. So many good suggestions, if I wasn't here already I'd be jealous :)

            2. A few have said Vertical is quite good nowadays and also has a great view.
              Here is a recent thread: http://chowhound.chow.com/topics/6010...

              It's located downtown in the financial district.

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                Everyone has been so helpful, thanks so much! I have booked Lai Wah Heen for a late lunch so we can get back to the Renaissance by game time; we will go to Canoe the next night. I can't wait!

              2. Yes, I do enjoy a cocktail along with a city view! Any suggestions on what to try at Canoe? I am thinking about the tasting menu, but would love to know what others have had and enjoyed.

                1. You'd think they'll be many restaurants in Toronto with great views, considering how beautiful our skyline is, but I've only found a few.

                  360 Restaurant - CN Tower...it's not that the restaurant is bad, it's just there are so many better choices....especially given how the menu is priced similar to Scaramouche or Canoe. I went there once, and it seemed more than touristy.

                  Toula - Top floor of the Westin Harbour Castle...I've heard so many mixed things about it, I haven't bothered to go. Apparently the restaurant use to rotate, but they stopped that now.

                  Panorama - Manulife Building...it's more of a place to get drinks, but I think it does have one of the best views of Toronto. Once I got there at 1 am..and I asked my server if they still had desserts....she replied, "No..but we have these sweet cocktails...they're like a dessert." Lol.

                  Basically if you want a restaurant with good food, and a good view...you're left with either Scaramouche or Canoe. I prefer Scaramouche, but I know alot of people will say Canoe is better. I really like the panoramic view from Scaramouche, but I know alot of people rave about specific tables at Canoe. More people will say the view at Canoe is better, but we all know the desserts at Scaramouche are better, especially with Joanne Yolles back as pastry chef.

                  Anyways, I can really only think of 5 places...anyone else have any others?

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                    Toula - view is not that good. On one side it faces the next building which is taller. On another side the view is towards the east waterfront which is an eyesore. Only the view out to the lake is OK. Went for Winterlicious and the food is meh.

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                      Yeah, we just went to Toula for summerlicious, managed to get a lake view, which was nice, and had an extremely so-so meal. Lamb was good, but the sides were meh. Wife was unimpressed with her surf and turf. The desserts were blah. the wine list is joke. Service not bad. And no it doesn't rotate: apparently new owners took over the space about 8 years ago, and wanted to put a bar where a generator was. No more rotation. I wouldn't have been impressed had I been stuck on the city side.

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                      C5 has quite a nice view, depending on your table. Food can be pretty good too.

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                        I disagree...but perhaps I was expecting something else, but I had a good table, and the view wasn't that great.

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                        Just had dinner at Scaramouche last week, and the view of the moon and twinkling skyline was the perfect companion to our oysters, lobster, and coconut cream pie. :) Yum.

                      3. If you want to try a restaurant with a view other than the Toronto skyline, you might check out the outdoor patio of the Boardwalk Pub when the weather gets a little warmer. It's in Woodbine Park in The Beaches. Typical pub grub, but the view from the patio of the boardwalk, the beach, the lake, and the sunbathers in the hot weather is excellent.


                        1. Though I've not been, apparently the Casa Mendoza at Lakeshore just east of Parklawn has a great view of the skyline from their patio.

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                            i went to Casa Mendoza last night for the first time. The view *is* amazing but it doesn't make up for the terrible food. I ordered the mussels appetizer ($11.95) and I got about 20 really tiny mussels that were really fishy smelling. All the steaks my party ordered were overcooked (steaks run around $30). Pitchers of Stella were about $20. Go for the view but eat somewhere else first.

                            Another note: there's a regular raccoon visitor on their patio.

                          2. Sounds like you are interested in dinner, but lunch with a view of the lake and ISlands can be had at the Toronto Athletic Club, 36th floor of the TD WAterhouse tower on Wellington West, just west of Bay. http://www.stratusrestaurant.com/
                            It's open to the general public not just members of the club, I haven't been in years but it might be good.

                            1. Went to 360 last week and was incredibly disappointed. The rolls/bread weren't warm and tasted like they came from a bag - if they were made there they were horrible. Our meals were not good - my husband ordered the fettucine with prawns and lobster and everything was overcooked- the pasta and the seafood. Not close to al dente and the seafood was nearly rubbery. I ordered the duck and actually had to salt and pepper it to give it any flavor, and I never salt anything after the cooking process unless it's really just incredibly bland. The view is certainly beautiful but in my opinion, you're better off spending the $20 per person to go to catch the view, and then spend another $100 elsewhere on a fabulous dinner. The food is so lackluster and disappointing, it nearly spoils the view.