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Apr 9, 2009 02:07 PM

Where should we go for dinner?

It's Thursday...we're looking for a relatively inexpensive but delicious place in the Quarter. We've been to Napoleon House, Coop's, and Felix's...any other ideas?

This could be advice for tomorrow or Saturday night as well. Thanks.

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  1. Try EAT or Port of Call, or Stanley. The Chef is also owner of Stellas which is a wonderful upscale restaurant but the food at Stanley is much more budget friendly and still quite good. Mandinas is a quick streetcar ride away on Canal and they have wonderful Creole and Italian faves. If you want to venture out a bit from the Quarter, try Elizabeths in the Fabourg Marigny on Gallier. Ye Olde College Inn is just down Canal to Carrolton and has wonderful fried oyster dishes, po boys, and lots of "fancy" cooking with a budget price. Did you ever do your lunch at Commanders and if so, how was it?

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      We had lunch at Commander's on Wednesday. We arrived early but were seated promptly. I ordered an awesome fresh tomato salad, while the BF ordered the soup du jour, which was a corn/shrimp bisque. Both were delicious. I want to go back just for the salad. For our entrees, I ordered something called the wild side grille, which included alligator sausage, smoked duck, pork tenderloin, and shrimp remoulade. All of this over chopped sweet was delicious. BF ordred Angus steak tips with mashed potatoes, which was also delicious. I will eat mashed potatoes made any which way, so I may not be the best judge, though. For dessert I ordered the bread pudding souffle, which I would like to have as my entree after I go back for my tomato was so delicious. BF had the strawberry shortcake which was also fantastic. Mmmm now I'm hungry!

    2. how about some softshell crabs at ACME? A great splurge that isn't too splurge-y is NOLA.

      1. bennachin, el gato negro, salt n pepper for a few ethnic options. GW fins, bayona, stella, and Galatoire's for some upscale choices.

          1. Just got back from New Orleans this past Sunday, and I would highly recommend Coquette! what a dining experience--everything we ate was exceptional. We were there for lunch as our last hurrah before heading back home. I did take a peek at the dinner menu and it looked wonderful as well. We also ate at other restaurants that were noteworthy . We went to Cochon, August, Mr. B's(least favorite) Commander's(Garden Room) Casamentos, Joey K's, Acme, Luke. There were others that we wanted to try as well. Heard the food at Coop's is good. Didn't get to Bayona or Stella. Will have to try it out on another visit.