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Apr 9, 2009 01:56 PM

Metro Detroit - Hunt for Kielbasa

As an annual tradition, we enjoy both smoked and fresh kielbasa during the Easter holiday. We have purchased our treasured sausage in Hamtramck the last few years. It came to me that Detroit Hounds might have their own suggested sources! Where do you go for great sausage?

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  1. Key is to get BOTH fresh and smoked...

    1. I love Kopytco's in Hamtramck...but this year I am having Dearborn sausage. My son was selling it as a fundraiser for his scout troop.

      1. 15 Mile & Dequindre - The Polish Market . Owned by the same people as the one in Hamtown . It's just like the experience at the old store , just bigger , better , and a better selection of everything . And to your point , the best retail sausage I have ever had . The smoked meat counter is like 70 yards long , a true temple of all things smoky and cured . Seriously , the last visit just last weekend , I counted no less than 12 different varieties of head cheese . When it comes to fresh sausage , if you can't make it yourself , this is the place . When it comes to grilling fresh sausage , I don't allow and other kind of fresh sausage on my grill . The best I've ever had .

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          What Jeff said. The Polish market is the place. They usually make a special holiday sausage as well.

        2. I get mine from a shop in Detroit on Michigan...

          Smoker is out back and it is always fresh. Year Round...

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          1. re: JanPrimus

            This is the only place I have ever gone to get my sausage. Simply the best. They don't take credit cards/debit cards so make sure you have cash with you!

          2. Only one place to go. Joy View Meats makes the finest fresh and smoked keilbasa anywhere. They are at 23822 Joy Road in Redford. Phone is 3135341585.

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            1. re: bshelhart

              I just got home from this place. I just took my first bite of the Kielbasa.....

              I just need a moment to myself....


              Also picked up a stewing chicken and some slab bacon (for Coq Au Vin)...They are good ole Polish guys in there. I will be back!

              1. re: JanPrimus

                JanPrimus, How does a dish like Coq Au Vin ever make it the many, many hours to completion, without you preemptively losing control and pouncing? Was the Kielbasa a strategic diversion? Does just the bacon get pulled, early on?

                1. re: vtombrown

                  I was actually planning on the Coq Au Vin (Blame Alton Brown for the urge)...I remembered that Joy Meats was near Randazzo's over at Joy and Telegraph so I hoped in the car. I hot Joe's first for the veggies and yes I went over board and bought about 5 extra tons of stuff I had no plan on using yet. The end bill still was under $20 bucks. The veggies at Randazzo's may not be as pretty as supermarket veggies but at least it is cheaper.

                  So I slid over to Joy Meats to get the stewing chicken and bacon....I walked in and BAM I was hit with the smokehouse aroma. I folded and got the Kielbasa right there. I have been happy with that purchase. I am trying to stay in the house today so I can finish the Coq Au Vin tonight. :)