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Apr 9, 2009 01:44 PM

Looking for the Best Cake in San Francisco

To take to a friend's birthday. Suggestions?

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  1. My vote goes to the coffee crunch cake from Yasukochi...

    Yasukochi's Sweet Stop
    1790 Sutter St, San Francisco, CA

    1. Can you be more specific about what style of cake you have in mind, what size and what price range?

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      1. re: Ruth Lafler

        A beautiful, absolutely fabulous, wonderfully tasting cake. Something to die for. Open as to flavors, - - for 10 - 12 people, open as to price. Not interested in having a quirky design such as a baseball or something else semi ridiculous.

      2. Chocolate malted cake from Delessio's. Although that coffee crunch is pretty great.

        Not the best by a long shot: Arizemendi's self-proclaimed best cake, chocolate layer cake with salted caramel frosting. Blech.

        1. Dianda's on Mission is always a safe bet for me. I love their strawberry shortcake or their chocolate and strawberry cake. Not too sweet and perfectly moist cake. I know that strawberries aren't particularly in season right now, but I love them and get them whenever I can.

          On my birthday, my family surprised me with a cake from Baked on Potrero Hill. They are pretty good about custom cake and filling combinations. I had a red velvet-white chocolate strawberry chantilly creme cake. Awesome. I heard their red velvet is not up to par by Southern standards, so it's up to the person's taste, I guess. I thought that the cake was incredible myself.

          You can see my cake here:

          scroll down towards the end and you won't miss it.

          Then there's Princess Cake at Schubert's Bakery. Good stuff.

          My coworker brought Coffee Crunch Cake from Suzanne's in Millabrae if that is not too far for you to travel.

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          1. re: jobostonisafoodie

            Would love to hear more about the Coffee Crunch cake from Suzanne's in Millbrae - can anyone provide a comparison to Yasukochi's version?
            Thanks... you may save me a trip into the City!

            1. re: jobostonisafoodie

              Strawberries aren't in season?

              The reason I wanted more input from the original poster is that people have different ideas about what a "wonderfully tasting cake" is. Some people prefer them light and not too sweet. Other people like them rich and gooey. I love Princess cake, but a lot of people don't like marzipan, and thus it's always problematic to choose one for a party. That said, I'd go with coffee crunch cake. It's delicious, it's different and it appeals to a lot of different tastes.

              1. re: Ruth Lafler

                Oh wait,, it's April. I take back my not in season comment. I was out of the country last month and March was pretty much non-existant, so I'm still living in February. Haha. Unfortunately, I haven't tried Yasukochi's cake, so there is nothing I can say about comparison. Here is a picture that I took of the cake from Suzanne's. It's a bit too sweet for my taste, but then it was still good...just in moderation.


            2. That's easy, if choosing between 3 is easy: Sacripantina from Stella Pastry on Columbus in North Beach, the Frasier from Patisserie Philippe on Townsend, or the Princess Cake from Bijan on Saratoga Ave. in San Jose. All three come in several sizes, though the Frasier should probably be ordered a couple of days in advance.