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Apr 9, 2009 01:44 PM

Quinoa, what are you supposed to do with it?

I cooked some and added it to my oatmeal. It dosen't taste good at all. Are you supposed to do anything to it besides cooking it in water or chicken stock?

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  1. You may not have rinsed it enough to get rid of the bitter saponins. Here's a discussion on rinsing and cooking.

    Use it like a grain -- as a salad base, in stuffed cabbage, in soups, as a side with butter and herbs. Although, it's not really a grain, is it? I think it's a seed.

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      OK I missed the rinsing part. Will try again.

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        Mmm, I love quinoa. I think of it like whole-grain caviar.

        I agree on the washing. Rinse, rinse, rinse!

        A favorite dish I made was a quinoa-grapefruit salad. Let me see if I can remember... Cooked quinoa, segmented ruby red grapefruit, chopped dried apricot, diced candied ginger, toasted hazelnut, sprouted lentils, macadamia nut oil, pepper, an herbal salt blend with lavender.... I think that was it.... I can't remember. I only remember it being SO delicious!!

        Also, made a petite pea and toasted almond pilaf once. Use stock.

        Made quinoa and diced veg. patties once. Just mix with an egg. They get toasty crisp and golden, its pretty nice.

        I imagine it'd make good use for tabouleh. Aha! My dinner idea for tonight!

        nemo, yes it is a seed. Offering protein, fiber, and amino acids among many other vitamins and minerals.

        I like ediecooks' idea. Yummy!

      2. There are, perhaps, a million quinoa recipes on the web. Try one using it as a salad base.

        1. i have recently been using it in place of rice. very nutty and delicious, and very high in protein! cooking it in stock instead of water adds wonderful flavor.

          1. I make a salad with it, olive oil, S/P, fresh parseley, corn and red peppers cut up. keep it in the fridge and eat as a side with lunch and dinner.

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              Yes, a salad is what I've always done with it...can't imagine adding it to oats, quite redundant! Peter, keep at it ... quinoa is great!

            2. How did you cook it? When first trying to make it, I read two methods--rice style, by adding just a little water and cooking until that was all absorbed, and pasta style, where you dump it into a big pot of water and then drain it when it's done. I like it WAY better when made the pasta way. It comes out much fluffier, whereas with the other method it was kind of gummy. Just a thought. I find it to be delicious with anything you might put it in a cold bulghur wheat or couscous salad. I like olive oil, parsley, chopped tomotoes, feta and pine nuts for example. I've never had it in a sweet or breakfast style preparation, but I could see it working.