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Apr 9, 2009 01:29 PM

Quality Chinese Food in Greenpoint / Williamsburg Area

OK. I am at a loss. I was a BIG fan of Shanghai Lee on Manhattan Avenue for many years. But since they have closed up, I am having a hard time finding a formidable replacement.

Some of my favorite dishes are General Tsao Chicken and Sesame Chicken. Now what I find is that in most Chinese restaurants, they are prepared exactly the same, except at the end, they sprinkle a few sesame seeds on the Sesame Chicken. And they all taste like sweet and sour chicken. Shanghai Lee's version of them was the best I have ever had. Each had a unique flavor. The Sesame Chicken was sweet and crispy, the Generals was spicy and had a strong garlic flavor with lots of hot peppers.

Also, I want my fried rice to be brown, not yellow. What is up with all these places using spanish rice???

Any recommendations?

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  1. Shanghai Lee reopened on Franklin Ave. I've never eaten there so I don't know if it is still any good.

    I usually order from Chinese Musician if I want reliable neighborhood delivery-type Chinese, or go to M Shanghai or leave the area for more authentic food.

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      Same name very different food. Different owners. i tried it twice out of desperation.

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        i've been away from greenpoint for ages, but when i lived there 20-ish years ago, chinese musician was totally reliable, sometimes A+. visiting friends there in the past year, it's still there, and stil darn good. how many of the trendy joints popping up around there will be able to make that claim in 2030?

      2. I like Red Bowl... especially the General Tsao Chix. They have the speediest delivery I have ever encountered and are very nice. Tell them 'spicy'.

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          All three of the options mentioned here - Chinese Musician, M Shanghai and Red Bowl - are on the pricey side and often you wonder if it's worth it. I'd probably rather save money and eat at Fortune Cookie.