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Apr 9, 2009 01:11 PM

Looking for Lobster (Greenwich/Stamford/Norwalk/Westchester area)

Ok all,

I need some serious chow help here. My mother's birthday is this saturday and she just decided that she is REALLY in the mood for lobster for her birthday. any good reccos? Is Greenwich Lobster house any good? I also heard about a divey seafood joint that is supposed to be fabulous around here but forgot the name.

HELP! any and all suggestions for a good seafood place or some good lobster would be VERY appreciated.


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  1. I just had an excellent lobster roll at Ostera in South Norwalk last wknd.

    For real ME lobsters, go to Rowayton Seafood.

    1. Agree that Rowayton is always good for lobs and feels very New England.

      The funky place you referred to may be over near Costco in PC, Ebb Tide

      Not very festive. Close by is Willett's ... oversized lobsters and prices. Same with Mortons in Stamford.

      A fan of the original Legal in downtown Boston, I'm not sure it really translates all that well in WP on Mamaroneck Ave. Nowadays, Legal has become a chain. But the lobsters are sweet.

      I too would be interested on reviews of Greenwich Lobster House.

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        actually the place I was referring to (and have now since looked up) is Gus's in Harrison. has anyone been there recently?

        1. re: KarenNYC

          I hear Polpo has great Loster but pricey. I like Elm Street Oyster house or there is a new Oyster house in Darien thye might have it too call them, Happy Birthday MOM.

      2. After a couple of years decline the original family bought back gus's and it is better than ever. They serve a perfectly steamed 2-pounder with crispy fries and their signature slaw for around $40. The lobsters are always huge -- definitely bigger than 2 pounds. With 2-pounders selling retail for $13+ lb, the price they charge in the restaurant is very reasonable for an outstanding lobster dinner. Also remember to start with gus's signature salad with gorgonzola and onions -- a large is plenty for two to share.

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          I second "Gus's" (official name: Franklin Park). I don't think they take reservations, but call ahead to see what they can do, since it's a birthday. They are really nice and the salad is one of the best reasons to go (plus I love lobster and steamers).

        2. jfood would agree with the Rowayton Seafood suggestion. Although he likes Osetra, it may be a bit avante-garde for your folks. And jfood would not go to Mortons for a lobster on anyone's nickel. May want to call FISH in Portchester as well. Jfood really likes this place.

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            1. re: laylag

              Sono what? Sono Seafood on Water St.?

              1. re: jfood

                Sorry if my comment was too abbreviated and thus cryptic but yes, Sono Seafood. Only went once and didn't have lobster but thought you might be more familiar and asking if you would recommend it for the OP's needs.

                1. re: laylag

                  although SONO has a decent lobster in the middle of the summer, hanging on the deck, enjoying the outdoors and sharing some steamers and fried stuff it is not a place jfood would take a mother for a special lobster dinner.

                  1. re: jfood

                    OP mentioned the lobster but not the atmosphere and inquired about the "divey" joint in Port Chester (which is Ebb Tide) so didn't seem to me that mom needed a "special occasion" type place which is why I thought Sono might do the trick.

                    1. re: laylag

                      sorry. jfood interpreted "birthday" as special. but yes OP did use divey as well. Hard to tell what OP is looking for.

          1. Another good place for lobster is Aquario in Silver Lake (WP/Harrison area), it's a Portugese restaurant. They charge by the lb, last time was $18/lb, comes with lots of veges and rice/beans, plus they crack the lobster for you so it's very easy to eat. That's where I go when the craving hits!

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              I second the lobster at Aquario. It's a nice, old fashioned type of restaurant, maybe more appropriate for a birthday than Gus's.