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Apr 9, 2009 01:09 PM

Meyer Lemons

I have a green bean recipe that calls for the zest and juice of a meyer lemon. I have never used meyer lemons before. I picked some up at the store - they are very soft and squishy. is this how they are supposed to be? If not, Are these still good? Should I toss them?

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  1. They're definitely softer than eureka (standard) lemons. Squeeze one -- is the just sweet, lemony, floral? Or does it taste bad?

    1. as milklady said, they're much softer/less firm than standard lemons, and they should smell & taste sweeter & more floral. definitely don't toss them until you taste!

      1. Organic Meyer Lemons are a cross between Mandarin orange and lemon. Their skin is yellow-orange in color and softer than other lemons. They are sweeter and juicier than other lemons also. If your recipe calls for any use of the skin, organic is the safest way to go. Don't eat pesticides sprayed on the skin.

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          They're soft but firm because the skin is thin, but squishy? I don't know. I think the taste test will reveal all as milklady suggests.