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Apr 9, 2009 12:42 PM

Uncle Ray's Potato Chips in Toronto?

My labmate discovered these chips out of Detroit and loves them. Does anyone know if you can get them here?

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  1. hmm, what makes them different from other chips? just curious

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    1. re: duckdown

      It's apparently the "Hot" flavor she's after - she says that when they say "Hot" they MEAN hot. Apparently the flavoring is quite heavy on them and her whole family went nuts for them. One of those things that someone found once in an Asian grocery store somewhere, and they've been looking all over for them with no success. I figured it couldn't hurt to ask here if anybody knew anything about them. :)

      1. re: Wahooty

        Okay, talk about instant gratification - when I saw the label online, I thought it looked familiar, and it turns out I can get them at a bulk food place near my house that tends to carry an interesting assortment of non-bulk goods, including a limited selection of Uncle Ray's chips. So duckdown, to answer your question, the flavor in question is actually pretty tasty. The "Hot Chips" come across kind of like a spicy, much less sweet BBQ potato chip. There's some smoked pepper flavor, and just a little bit of sugar. And, of course, some MSG and other things to make them tastier than they should be, and by the end of the bag there's a surprising amount of lingering burn. I wouldn't go out of my way for them, but if you see them around, I'd give them a try. Wouldn't bother with the other flavors - I also picked up some kosher dill ones that just taste like dill pickle chips but less vinegary and a touch sweet.

        However, this being said, my source only seems to have the "Hot" ones in single-serving bags, so if anyone knows where larger bags can be found, I'd still love to know. Her family is in Missisauga, so west end is a plus, but I'm in Scarborough and they're willing to travel, so anything is fair game. I'm worried that my source could dry up at any time...

        1. re: Wahooty

          There's a convenience store at the Northeast corner of King and Tecumseth that carries them. They have a size that's not exactly large, but more like a medium.

          1. re: distra

            Also the Sak's at Queen W and Wilson Park Road caries a good variety of them... strange Biblical references and morality lessons printed on the bag, but the hot chips are pretty hot, and good.

    2. I buy these all the time at Almost Perfect- they have a location in Downsview- I go to the one in Whitby all the time. The chips are fantastic- and at the best price I've seen- .99ยข. I haven't tried the HOT but the Dill pickle are to die for....

      1. I think these are available in the smoke shop at Bay and Charles. (NWcorner)

        1. The "Kitchen Table" convenience store in the lower level of Atrium On Bay got in a huge shipment of them recently, but they're down to a few stray bags of plain and dill pickle.

          The "Hot" ones were insanely hot, for me anyhow. I didn't enjoy them at all. The "Jalapeno" flavour had a spicy/sweet thing happening which was pretty nice.

          1. Shouldn't be too difficult to find. I never knew they were anything special but I've seen them at a small local chinese grocery store on the Danforth.

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              Yeah I got some at the store just west of the 7-11 by Donlands. The hot ones were insanely hot, but i liked them. Sour cream and onion were nothing special. But the best thing was that I wasn't paying 7-11 prices. That and the life lessons...